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Having no style is Genko’s style. He makes the most out of the customers ideas and does his best to grant their wishes.
Customers’ ideas are put together with Genko’s talent, making them come to life.
Every single tattoo is customized, whether it is traditional, tribal, new-school, old-school, black&gray, or even mixed styles. Genko does it all!

He started attending conventions in Europe since 2008 and he has won;
1st prize in Best Back Piece at London Tattoo Convention 2008
3rd prize in Best Colors at 14∞Milano Tattoo Convention in 2009
1st prize in Best Ornament at London Tattoo Convention 2010
1st prize in Large Tattoo Artist at 21. Tattoo Convention Berlin in 2011.

Genko Tattoo Studio
2-3-7 Osu Naka-ku Nagoya Japan