Aftercare Tips For Your Tongue Piercing

Aftercare Tips For Your Tongue Piercing -

Have you ever pierced any part of your body? Body piercing has now become acceptable in the mainstream society. Technology has also made it possible for many different kinds of piercings to be carried out with ease. One example of piercing that has grown in popularity immensely are tongue piercings. After piercing your tongue, the second most important thing is to know how to take care of it. If you’re going to pierce your tongue, or any other place for that matter, it is extremely important to properly take care of the piercing in order for it to heal.

Below are some of the aftercare tips you can use to protect your tongue piercing from unnecessary infections:
Thoroughly wash your hands with a liquid antibacterial soap before touching yourself in the pierced area.

During the initial stages after the piercing, try to always eat slowly by taking only small bites at a given time, and thoroughly rinse your mouth after eating.

You can help reduce the swelling by having foods and beverages that are cold as opposed to the hot ones which may cause further injuries.

It is important to have enough sleep and eat foods that are nutritious. You should stay hydrated and drink lots liquids, especially water. Eat soft foods such as soups and mashed potatoes. Avoid foods that are crunchy and spicy. A lifestyle that is healthy promotes the faster healing of the tongue piercing.

You might be in a monogamous relationship, but this period requires that you avoid any oral sex or oral sexual contact such as French kissing. Other things you should avoid are chewing gum, chewing tobacco and biting your fingernails, these can lead to the formation of scar tissue and lengthen the healing process.

Try to avoid smoking during this healing period, this is because it can lengthen the healing period or lead to some risks.

Alcoholic beverages and caffeine should be avoided especially days after the piercing. This is because beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages may lead to further swelling or bleeding.

Avoid playing with the pierced part during the initial periods after piercing while restricting yourself to only the normal movement of eating and speaking. You should also avoid excessive talking.
In case of any infection that occurs as a result of the piercing, take only antibiotics that you have been advised by the doctor.

Avoid products that have petroleum as they tend to increase the potential of collecting and promoting the growth of bacteria.

Stay away from direct sunlight, oils, tanning beds and lotions.

Drink very cold water, especially from a refrigerator very early in the morning after you wake up. This helps to reduce swelling that might have occurred when you lied down and more blood went into your head. Avoid using mouthwash that is undiluted as it may destroy the natural enzymes in your mouth which usually promote healing.

Use a soft toothbrush gently to remove any plaque that forms on the jewelry. To help the healing process we strongly recommend H2Ocean’s Arctic Rinse. This product was made to aid and also protect in the healing process. It also has ingredients to prevent dry mouth, prevent plaque from staining your teeth.
By putting all the above tips into practice, you will be able help the healing process of your tongue piercing in the most effective way.