Brandon Bond

Brandon Bond was voted “ARTIST OF THE YEAR” in 2006 by his peers and fellow tattooers at the North Carolina Tattoo Convention. Brandon is now tattooing exclusively by appointment only in two studios in Northwest Atlanta and is booked about 3 months in advance with a 200 dollar deposit required and a three hour minimum. The public studio he owns and works in, is called All Or Nothing Tattoo, and has quickly grown into a highly respected and incredibly well known award winning tattoo studio. All or Nothing Tattoos has won more awards and been published more than any other studio in the world. The second studio he owns is a private studio which hosts a movie theater, jacuzzi, marble everything, and koi fish watergarden, which is where Brandon tattoos most of the time. A.N.T.I. Art Elite Gallery is the most innovative enviornment to recieve tattoo artwork in the history of the industry. His workaholism is now reflected in over TWO DOZEN featured articles in 6 countries (including Brazil, Germany, Australia, Scandinavia, UK, and Japan). And of course hundreds of magazines in America. His work has also been featured on MTV and the Discovery Channel. Call for your appointment and travel booking info @ (770)435-9966.

Brandon also owns STRANGLEHOLD publications and is currently producing 5 new books. His book “WHORE” which was released on June 11th at ALL OR NOTHING TATTOO STUDIO, was one of the most highly anticipated tattoo art related books ever.

Country: United States