Jose Lopez

The lowrider style revolves around black and gray ink. It is an art form we’ve mastered and one we’ve practiced for years. It involves an intricate amount of shading, a delicate process of layering and an undisclosed touch which separates us from the rest. While they have no affiliation, Lowrider Magazine editors have held Lowrider Tattoo in the highest regards. They’ve announced their work as “surreal” and “life-like” and gone on to mention that “Jose Lopez does for humans what airbrush artists have done for cars. He’s created art that is unparalleled and mimicked by only the most advanced computers and master artisans”. With a reputation like this, you just can’t go wrong. So a special thanks to all my friends at the shop for being there for me always and my loving family for never giving up on me. My wife and beautiful daughter for completing my life. A special thanks to Brian Everett, Chuey Quintanar, Cartoon, Tattoo Tony, and Edgar Hoill for all their contributions and inspirations in my tattooing career. I have realized that it takes all these wonderful people and a shit load of effort from myself to accomplish the impossible! A very special thanks to Jun, By helping you with your art you have helped me find myself! and everyone else who has offered their support along the way positively or negatively, without all of your put downs and negative comments, we would not be here, you brought the best out of us. Thank you.

Country: United States