Mark Longenecker

I was born and raised in South Jersey. I attended the Savannah College of Art and Design and received a B. F. A. in Graphic Design. By then I was really getting into T-shirt design, with the idea that I was only one T-shirt design away from making me rich. These designs did not end up making me a millionaire but they did get the attention of my schoolmate Cayman’s family. He is Jimmy Buffett’s, God son, and through him, I ended up getting a design job in Key West. There, I created many logos for the local clubs, bars and restaurants… and Jimmy Buffett’s Recording Studio. My first roommates were Jason Brooks and Kristian Bennett, tattoo artists at Goldie’s tattoo. I started getting many tattoos and also designing them for my friends. We all took a trip to my first tattoo convention in Miami and I was able to see all my idols at work. I got tattooed by Paco Excel of New Skool tattoos from San Jose California… and then I was hooked. Tattooing became my passion in life. I have had the chance to work with many great friends and artists like Bruce Bart himself, Damien Bart, Tony Baris, Pinky, Mike Harpool, Chris Slota, Richie Calascibett, Jeff Jeffers, Doug Patrum, Michael Norris,Casper, and good friend Anthony Riccardo. Today I am very happy making a career of an art form that I am truly passionate about. I take great pride in making every tattoo I do a personal piece of art for my clients.