What Do You Do if Your Tattoo Is Peeling?

What Do You Do if Your Tattoo Is Peeling? - http://h2ocean.com/tattoo-aftercare/what-do-you-do-if-your-tattoo-is-peeling/

When someone gets a tattoo for the very first time they may get a little concerned when their tattoo starts flaking or peeling. However, there is no need to worry since this is very normal, in fact, you should expect it. This is part of the tattoo healing process, and during this time following a proper tattoo aftercare routine is very important.

Since you have managed to bear that tattoo pain, handling the peeling stage won’t be that difficult. Just follow the dos and don’ts in the list given below, and very soon you will be ready to show off your healed and beautiful tattoo to the world.

What you should not do:

1. Do not pull off the scabs
During the peeling stage, you should never pull or pick at your scabs from the tattoo. Even though the peeling skin may appear to be coming off, it’s still attached to your skin. It is very important to wait until it comes off on its own. If you pull on it before it is fully ready then the unsettled ink will also likely come out with it which will make your tattoo look patchy in those areas.

2. Do not scratch the tattoo, even if it itches
If you scratch at the peeling tattoo because it is itchy, it will rip off the area prematurely and the unsettled ink will come off along with it, creating patches. Also during the peeling stage your skin is prone to infection. Your fingernails may be home to germs and if it comes into contact with the peeling skin, it can cause an infection.

What you should do:

1. Moisturize your tattoo well
If you moisturize your tattoo properly it will help ease the itching you may be experiencing and it will make the tattoo healing process much faster because of the various minerals and vitamins that the moisturizing ointment has. A good moisturizing ointment can even make your tattoo appear better during the peeling stage. One of the most popular and most effective tattoo aftercare products that you should consider using is H2Ocean’s Aquatat. This product has been created to help keep your new tattoo protected. Its also one of the only products on the market that was created SPECIFICALLY for tattoos. It helps prevent smelly mess, pimples, drying, and cracking skin. It also contains anti-aging ingredients, keeps your skin protected and promotes healing.

2. Keep the tattoo clean
If you keep the tattoo clean during the peeling and healing stage it will help prevent infections. When the tattooed area is clean from oil and dirt the healing process will also speed up.

3. Be patient
You have to accept the fact that your tattoo won’t look perfect for a couple of weeks. It will look dry and flaky but this is normal. You need to understand that you cannot do anything about this, it is a part of the healing process and you just have to wait until the area fully heals. So, you must be patient.