Why Are You Getting a Rash on Your Tattoo?Why Are You Getting a Rash on Your Tattoo?

Why Are You Getting a Rash on Your Tattoo?- http://h2ocean.com/tattoo-aftercare/why-are-you-getting-a-rash-on-your-tattoo/

It is extremely exciting to get a new tattoo, isn’t it? As much as it is exciting, the concerns after you get it should not be overlooked. Some problems can come up during the healing process of the tattoo and one of them is getting a rash. Sometimes, redness appears and may take some time to go away but this is different from a rash. Usually, rashes make your tattoo to look blotchy with a shade of redness that vary and feels very dry. White spots also are present within the area whenever a rash occurs.

The following are some causes for rashes to appear. Remember also that some rashes may appear without a very specific reason and at the same time they may disappear as quickly as they came up.

Skin irritation
When the tattoo is new, the skin is very sensitive to ink. The irritation can be a result of many things that your skin comes in contact with. Once you discover the cause of your irritation, you should avoid coming into contact with it as much as possible. Soaps and lotions are some of the common causes of an irritation for your tattoo bringing them out in a rash. We recommend H2Ocean’s Blue Green Foam Soap which was designed to wash your tattoo without causing too much damage or drying. Also, the tape used by your artist for attaching your covering to the tattoo is another cause for irritation. After the tape has been removed rashes should disappear gradually.

Sun exposure
Too much exposure to the sun can be highly damaging, due to the fact that the area around your new tattoo is very sensitive. The UV rays can burn this area which can  produce a rash as the skin heals from the tattooing needles and now the sunburn. Therefore, it is recommended that you keep your tattoo for two weeks out of direct sunlight for healing. After this period, whenever you are going  outside during the day you should use always a strong sunscreen. We recommend H2Ocean’s Sea Life SPR 45 Tattoo Protecting Suncreen which is designed to protect your body from the damaging sun rays.

This is what causes a visible rash around the skin of your tattoo, although an infection is uncommon. When your wound is not properly cleaned, bacteria and germs access the wound can cause infections. They are rare but if you are even remotely suspicious then you should inform your doctor or your artist as soon as possible for an accurate diagnosis. This is important for your health as well as your tattoo. Professional advice is needed so they can see if it is a rash by an infection or not.

Allergic reaction
They are not as serious as compared to an infection but that does not mean they should be ignored. Let your artist know about it when you suspect anything allergic. It may be the ink used for tattooing, mostly colored ones cause allergic reactions.

With this advice, tattoo rashes should not be a concern. Let your tattoo continue healing and come out looking beautiful.