Why Does My Tattoo Have Bumps and How Do I Treat It?

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Sometimes tattoos can develop small white bumps on them which can make them look bad. This can be caused by many different factors, most of them are fixable. Here are some common causes of spots or white bumps around an old or new tattoo so that you will take the proper steps to treat them before they get worse.

1. Allergic reaction
The skin around your tattoo can form allergies against some things that someone might not be allergic to before getting your tattoo. Development of these allergies usually changes from person to person. You will see them developing the allergies in a few days after getting a tattoo and others may take even years to notice the same.

The skin around the tattoo may break in small itchy white bumps and rash after developing the allergic reaction. No remedy is needed for the milder allergies since it pops up and then it continues to go away slowly. However, severe allergies will require urgent medical attention. Your doctor should prescribe a dermatology anti-allergy medication to help stop the allergy.

2. Skin irritation
A new tattoo makes the skin around the area sensitive. This may lead to the formation of possible itchy white bumps within the area that the tattoo is drawn. Itchiness may be a result of using various products for your skin so you may need to consider avoiding applying these to your tattooed area. Also, wearing very tight clothes may lead to your tattoo being itchy and lead to scratching.

3. Skin infection
Small itchy white bumps around your tattoo can also be a result of a skin infection. A new tattoo needs a lot of care to avoid getting the area infected. Although this is very rare you need to keep the area clean and properly covered. It is also important that the tattoo artist uses sanitized equipment and help you get the proper tattoo aftercare recommendations. This will allow you to keep your tattoo clean and free from the skin infection.

4. Using too much skin care products
Applying a lot of skin care products on your skin can cause you more harm than good. Avoid applying these products to your tattooed area so that your skin can heal correctly. Ensure you use the recommended specialized healing products to smooth your tattoo to avoid causing itchy white rashes on your tattoo.

Maintaining good personal hygiene.
This involves not scratching the tattoo and avoid harsh skin care products to keep your tattoo moisturized and clean.

Always consider the best products to avoid these issues. H2Ocean’s Aquatat is one of the best products that has been used and proved by many to effectively protect your new tattoo and promote healing.