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A Better Hand Sanitizer

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With all the potential dangers that COVID-19 has stirred up in 2020, perhaps it was only a mater of time before hand sanitizer became hazardous as well. Many new brands and products are suddenly appearing to protect us and keep us clean but as it turns out, many of them are being found to be inadequate, even toxic. Many people are unaware of the hidden threats in the form of ingredients in these solutions and are experiencing symptoms that can range from mild to fatal. It can also be difficult to navigate the noise of information coming from seemingly everywhere. So, how do you know what hand sanitizers are better and what to look for to avoid these tainted solutions?


Most alcohol based hand sanitizers include ethanol (also known as ethyl alcohol) or isopropanol as the main and active ingredient, which is what combats germs and bacteria. These are not to be confused or substituted with methanol, which is a wood alcohol that can be toxic. Methanol is a colorless liquid that can be absorbed through the skin or eyes, inhaled or ingested. Poisoning symptoms can vary from headaches, dizziness, nausea, blindness or death. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued warnings against certain brands and products that have tested positive for methanol and described the consequences in the worst cases. Many of these methanol based hand sanitizers can be found at popular stores and are being recalled.

Denatured Ethanol

Though not as lethal as methanol, there are also instances of companies using denatured ethanol, which can be unpalatably foul-smelling. The rotten garbage smell is attributed to other companies, many of which are distillers who have pivoted, producing ethanol from natural sources such as corn, beets or sugar. Denatured ethanol costs much less than carbon filtrated ethanol which would remove any contaminants and offensive smells. Most importantly and dangerously, in addition to the starting base of repugnancy, other chemicals including methanol and acetone are also being added to the solution to increase efficacy.

A Better Hand Sanitizer

H2Ocean’s BZK Foam Hand Sanitizer is specially formulated to effectively eliminate bacteria and viruses from your skin without causing excessive damage or drying. Replace your current harsh, skin irritating sanitizers with H2Ocean’s BZK Foam Hand Sanitizer will ensure maximum protection against bacteria and viruses. Enriched with aloe-vera and minerals, this hand sanitizer will also help to moisturize while disinfecting your skin. It’s safer than harsh alcohol based sanitizers that burn and dry out the skin and is antimicrobial, antibacterial and fragrance free.


Table of Contents


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