About Us

Founded in 2001, H2Ocean is an innovative company that has influenced the way tattoo and piercing enthusiasts care for their body art. H2Ocean is the world’s largest developer of all natural tattoo and piercing aftercare products with over 5,000 retail locations in the United States alone. H2Ocean’s products are distributed worldwide and registered in the following regions: United States, Canada, Mexico, Singapore, Australia and Europe. Our corporate office is located in Stuart, Florida.

H2Ocean develops and manufactures the highest quality all natural aftercare products. By using only the highest USP grade ingredients and the most technologically advanced packaging to ensure quality, we guarantee that our products are the safest and most effective products on the market. Self expression is important to many people, which is why we strive each day to ensure that new tattoos and body piercings heal correctly and look their best.

Product integrity, customer service and partnerships with organizations within the body art industry are the essence of H2Ocean. Our all natural products go through a thorough series of testing and evaluations along with any required registrations before they are released to the end user. We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality customer service. Our representatives are readily available to answer questions, provide information and enhance our business relationship with you. We value our customers and understand the importance of integrity and trust. We are so confident that our products and customer service will exceed your expectations that we offer a full 100% money back guarantee. Our guarantee allows you to purchase our products risk free. Together with our commitment to developing superior skin care products, H2Ocean’s dedication to the industry is evident through our continued support for artists, conventions, ongoing education and professional body art organizations. This distinguishes us from other aftercare providers and has helped us become the #1 aftercare company recommended by tattoo and body piercing artists worldwide.