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Aftercare For Tattoo Cover Ups

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Tattoo cover up treatments have become more common here in the United States. Tattoo cover up treatments have been able to give the opportunity to many people who regret their tattoos, or simply do not like them anymore, a chance to get rid of them for something better. Before this process is started, it is important to know some basic information.

The procedure of covering up a tattoo has been able to help out many people gain their confidence back and feel proud of what they have on their skin. The majority of people start this cover up process when their old tattoo is fading, and some of them start this process when they no longer like how their tattoo is looking. Most of the time, a tattoo cover up procedure is done by adding color to the tattoo. The color will help cover up the old tattoo better and in a more efficient way.

The Process of a Cover Up:
Here are some steps that the tattoo artist will take when they start the tattoo cover up process.

1) The tattoo artist will begin the cover up procedure by placing tracing paper on top of the tattoo design that you already have. This will help the tattoo artist help identify the major tracing designs that need to be focused on the most. This step is very important because it will give the tattoo artist an idea of how to best start the cover up procedure.

2) After the tattoo artist has finished tracing the original tattoo design, they will place the traced design under the light and compare it to the new design that will be covered up.

3) The cover up procedure will begin when the tattoo artist starts to create the design on top of your old tattoo. A professional tattoo artist with experience will know how to efficiently and properly incorporate the old design slowly into the new design seamlessly.

Something important to note, is that most of the time, the new tattoo design will be larger than the original piece. This will be able to help give the tattoo artist a chance to blend and camouflage the pieces together. Also, in most cases, a darker shade will have to be used to help fully cover the old tattoo. If there is color on your old tattoo, the artist will have to know what colors he or she will have to use in order to make sure the previous color is fully covered up.

Once you have successfully covered up your undesired tattoo with a fresh new one, aftercare should not be neglected. This is especially true if the reason you are getting a cover up, is because of improper after care. The easiest way to make sure that you are healing your new tattoo properly s by using an all encompassing kit like H2Ocean’s Extreme Tattoo Care. This kit is designed to cleanse your tattoo while providing nourishment and moisture to your skin, providing you with a 3 step safe, skin protectant, and revitalizing skin care regimen.

It is important to understand that each design has its own way of being covered up. Not every design is easy to be covered up, and sometimes the tattoo artist might need more than one session to fully cover the original tattoo. It is also recommended that the new tattoo design fits in with the old one to get the best results possible. These pieces of information regarding tattoo cover ups will be able to help you better understand that process and help you make your decision.


Table of Contents


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