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Aftercare For Tongue Web Piercings (Frenulum)

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Oral web piercings are unique because they are piercings inside the mouth that require extra care, but more so after the piercing is made. There are three different web piercings, also known as frenulum piercings, an individual can get. They are the smiley, frowny, and tongue web. All of them are surface piercings. Surface piercings are more prone to infection without proper care and can be rejected by the body. If you have recently gotten an oral web piercing, here are some steps to keeping it clean for proper healing.

Always Brush and Floss Teeth Carefully After Eating
Food particles and bacteria can get into oral web piercings easily so it is essential that you brush and floss your teeth carefully after eating any kind of food. With that said, brush and floss your teeth gently and carefully because you do not want to injure your new piercing.

Always Rinse Out the Mouth After Brushing and Flossing Teeth
Once you have brushed and flossed your teeth carefully it is essential you rinse your mouth with Healing Rinse Arctic Ocean Mint by H2Ocean. The rinse is specifically designed to help keep web piercings clean, but also to speed up the healing process naturally without the use of alcohol and fluoride, but instead with sea salt and xylitol.

Stick with Easy to Eat Foods
Keeping your mouth clean can go a long way with speeding the healing processes up for your piercing. It is best to stick with easy to eat foods. Some of the easiest foods to eat with web piercings are yogurt, ice cream, oatmeal, grits, pudding, bananas, fruit cups, smoothies, jello, pasta and rice. It’s also helpful to stay away from high acidity foods such as citrus fruit since the juice from these fruits can sting and avoid spicy food since they can burn the piercing.

Avoid Oral Sex and French Kissing
Receiving pleasure from your partner is always a wonderful experience, but while your piercing is healing, you will want to avoid oral sex and french kissing. This will eliminate exposure to harmful bacteria that can cause infections in new piercings. Once the piercing is healed, feel free to go back to your regular activities.

Do Not Play with the Oral Web Piercing
With the new piercing in your mouth, it might be tempting to fool around with the jewelry inside of your mouth. Do not do this because you do not want to cause injury to the piercing or bleeding. If an injury does occur seek medical help. If no injury occurs and light bleeding happens this is normal with oral web piercings, but use your H2Ocean Healing Rinse to help cleanse the piercing and your mouth from the blood.

Some End Thoughts to Keep In Mind
Once your oral web piercing is healed, you can change out your original piercing piece for a newer one. With that said, make sure you clean your new oral web jewelry piece before you put it inside your piercing. Keeping the piercing clean is essential even after the piercing has healed. 


Table of Contents


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