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Aftercare Tips For Rook Piercings

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The rook is basically the area between the outer ear and the inner conch part of the ear. Piercing this area requires intense care and should also be done by an experienced specialist. There are a number of aftercare tips for rook piercings that you should put into consideration when you decide to get a rook piercing. These tips help to heal our piercing much faster. They as well keep the place away from contamination which would lead to the whole ear infection or delayed healing. Here are some aftercare tips for your rook piercing.

The size of the jewelry

Choosing the right jewelry size is important for the healing as well as minimizing movement. The most common size for this type of piercing is a 16 gauge curved barbell. Ideally, you should have your piercing measure the area where the jewelry will go in your ear since ear sizes vary from person to person. This is in order for them to reassess the piercing and place a longer barbell to it to accommodate the jewelry successfully.
Aftercare Spray

It takes approximately 12 to 18 months for the piercing to heal. It is important to take great care of it to ensure faster healing. We recommend H2Ocean’s Piercing Aftercare Spray. Combined with lysozyme, removes dried discharge as well as lymph secretions. Just apply it every few hours. The product works on all skin types and is very easy to use.
Things to avoid

Now that we’ve shown you what to use on your rook piercing, here is what not to use. These include bottle cleaners such as Bactine, hydrogen peroxide, and alcohol. These substances although they help in the wounds healing, they become very harsh on the ear. The cleaners are capable of killing even the good tissues that are playing role in the healing process.
During the healing process it is also very important to leave it alone. This including no spinning or any kind of movement. We know this may be difficult when you sleep but it is important to sleep with your head on the opposite side of where the piercing is. If you move it then you just delay the healing process.
In conclusion, following the aftercare tips for rook piercings are very crucial. This is to prevent infections in the pierced place as well as making the healing process effective. These tips are strongly recommended to ensure that your rook piercing heals properly and fast so that you can show it off to all your family and friends.


Table of Contents


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