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Aftercare Tips For Upper Ear Piercing

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Upper ear piercing has become a global trend. Since piercings are vulnerable to infection, they require proper aftercare. Your valuable cartilage piercings might catch infections if you don’t take proper care. The following are the aftercare tips for upper ear piercings.

Avoid swimming
It is advisable that you wait at least a month before you go swimming. This is because open wounds can easily catch infections. Water bodies such as swimming pools contain bacteria that pose danger to your ear piercing. Avoid swimming especially when your piercing is swollen or bleeding.

Avoid touching the jewelry
Touching the wound with dirty hands increases the chance of getting infections. Avoid touching it at all cost. If you have to touch it, maybe while cleaning, wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap. Also, avoid turning and rotating the jewelry. Rotating it may slow the healing process. You can only rotate it when it’s still wet.

Sleep on your back
You need to pay attention to your sleeping posture. Avoid keeping your ear against the pillow since it can cause irritation due to friction. Sweat is also another factor that leads to infections. Laying on your piercing will also prolong the soreness. If sleeping on your back is a problem for you, ensure that your pillow is soft and clean. Ensure that your piercing breathes to promote blood circulation.

Substances should not touch your ear
Some products such as soaps and shampoos contain chemicals that pose a threat to your piercing. Make sure that these products don’t touch your ear. Cover your ears while taking a shower. A plastic headwrap can help cover your ears during a shower. Keep your ears away from alcohol, antibiotic ointments, and hydrogen peroxide.

Don’t wear items that snag or put pressure on your ears
Hats and scarves can touch your earrings while wearing them. Try to avoid these items as much as possible. Wear veils made from fabrics that cannot snag your earing. If your wound hasn’t healed, wear loose veils. Also, ensure that veils are always clean. Protect your ear while putting on and changing clothes since you might hurt your ear. Items that snag your ears will significantly affect the healing process.

Cleaning technique
Ensure that you clean the wound twice per day. You can refer to this article for tips on heling your new piercing here Follow all the instructions during cleaning. Also, don’t overclean them since it can cause irritation.

The best piercing aftercare product is H2Ocean’s Piercing Aftercare Spray. This product contains natural ingredients and is safe for all types of skin. It is gluten-free and stays sterile all through. It can be dispensed at all altitudes and has a balanced Ph. It is enriched with more than 82 trace minerals and is easy to use. There is no cross contamination when you use it.

Upper ear piercings are important since they help you create your personal style. They only need high maintenance during the healing process. Avoid harsh cleaners such as peroxide and alcohol. Restrain yourself from touching your ears. Implement the mentioned aftercare tips and you will have a perfect upper ear piercing for a very long time.


Table of Contents


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