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The Mouth Body Connection: Oral Health Linked to Systemic Health

Beyond the routine dental checkups and regular practice of brushing and flossing, the oral cavity serves as a window into a patient’s overall health. Many systemic diseases and medications have their clinical effects on the oral cavity, with pathologic conditions in the mouth often exerting a more significant systemic impact. The oral health serves as […]

Lysozyme: The Natural Antibacterial Enzyme

From its discovery by Alexander Fleming in 1921 to its widespread presence in various organisms, lysozyme’s story is one of nature’s ingenious solutions to the perpetual battle between hosts and pathogens. Discovered over a century ago, lysozyme is an enzyme of profound significance, revered for its ability to catalyze the degradation of bacterial cell walls. […]

Heatstroke, Heat Waves, and Heat Exhaustion: Sunscreen for Heat Safety

As the summer of 2023 begins, The United States is dealing with an unprecedented and relentless heat wave that has swept across the nation. Temperatures have skyrocketed to historic levels, leaving millions of people struggling to cope with the scorching heat. According to news statistics from the New York Times, the middle of July 2023 […]

Saltwater Gargle Vs Sea Saltwater Gargle: The Big Difference!

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), sore throat (pharyngitis) accounts for an estimated 5.2 million outpatient visits and 2.8 million antibiotic prescriptions among US adults aged 0 to 64 years. These figures are significantly higher in developing nations, making them a global health concern. Sore Throat: Clinical Presentation Causes of Sore […]

Benefits of Sea Salt in Skin Care

Skin is the largest and heaviest organ of the human body. Skin is also one of the most complex organs of the human body, with an average square inch of skin contains 65 sweat glands, 20 blood vessels, and more than 1,000 nerve endings. The Link between Human Body and Skin Despite being just a […]

Which Sea Salt is the Best?

The ocean covers 70 percent of Earth’s surface. It contains about 1.35 billion cubic kilometers (324 million cubic miles) of water, which is about 97 percent of all the water on Earth. The ocean makes all life on Earth possible, and makes the planet appear blue when viewed from space. [1] All About the Sea Salt […]

How to Take Care of Chemo Mouth Sores

Oral Cancer Facts As per the latest data (2020) from the Centre of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in the United States, 1,603,844 new cases of cancer were reported, and 602,347 people died of cancer. For every 100,000 people, 403 new cancer cases were reported and 144 people died of cancer. Cancer is the second […]

How to Choose the Best Mouthwash!

Choosing the Right Mouthwash Maintaining optimal oral hygiene requires a comprehensive approach, and mouthwash plays a vital role in the daily oral care routine. However, not all mouthwashes are created equal. Many commercial mouthwashes contain colors, alcohol, and preservatives, which can have potential adverse effects and pose risks to the oral health. On the other […]

Xerostomia (Dry mouth) – Natural Oral Care

H2Ocean® Healing Rinses help with dry mouth syndrome.

What is Dry Mouth? Xerostomia (Dry mouth) is described as dry mouth condition caused by decreased or absence of salivary flow in the oral cavity. Hyposalivation is the symptom of decreased salivary flow caused by decreased salivary function, while xerostomia is the symptom of mouth dryness. It is one of the most prevalent disabling illnesses […]

Earth Day: H2Ocean Commitment to Nature

Every year on April 22, the world observes Earth Day. It is a yearly event celebrated by people all around the world. The inaugural World Earth Day was observed in 1970, and it has since been observed annually on a worldwide scale by about 192 nations. Our planet is the only one known to mankind. […]



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