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Our Story

Since 2001, H2ocean® has been the clean beauty product line using eco-friendly organic ingredients to cure many of the hardest healing dermal conditions without using harsh chemicals. H2ocean®’s natural ointment, balm, salve, and water-based products heal your new tattoo or body piercing faster because we use only the best nature provides from our oceans and plants. Our unrefined mineral-enriched sea salt is hand harvested from the world’s most diverse ecosystem – the “Red Sea” and provides the ultimate healing for any skin conditions you may have. We use only the highest USP-grade ingredients and the most technologically advanced packaging to ensure quality. Our natural products are put through testing to make sure all the FDA, cGMP, EU, and other standards are met. H2Ocean®’s products are distributed worldwide and are registered in the following regions: United States, Canada, Mexico, Singapore, Australia, Brazil, and Europe.


Eddie Kolos

CEO, Inventor

25+ years natural skincare formulator, marine aquarium business/hobbyist since 1986, master diver, fishing, surfing, boat captain, and twin dad.

Geri Kolos


Chief Financial Officer at H2Ocean®

Scott Stier

Executive VP

Executive Vice President at H2Ocean®

Academic Research Team

CEO Of Logger Head Marine Centre Scientist

Photo Realistic Tattoo Artist, Oceanographer, Master Diver and Marine Life Researcher

National Geographic Photographer, Mico/Macro Life Study Research and Tattoo Artist


Forensic Chemist Scientist, FDA Expert

Silvia Flores

Quality Assurance Expert

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