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Caring Properly for Constellation Piercings

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Of the many places and kinds of piercings one can choose, constellation piercings are relatively mild in nature. Constellation piercings are basically a cluster or grouping, of usually tiny piercings, in and around a person’s unique earlobe. Their name comes from the similar way a star constellation appears in the sky. After you’ve tastefully curated the perfect constellation design in your ear and gotten the job done, the next thing to consider is how you will be taking care of your ear in it’s fragile punctured state. As with any piercing in any place on your body, taking the proper aftercare precautions is the most important part of getting your constellation piercing.
Let’s start with things to avoid. First, do not touch the area that has been pierced. Your hands have bacteria on them and touching the new piercing leaves it’s susceptible to infection. It’s an open wound at this point. Do not attempt to rotate the jewelry around during the healing process. The hole can start to close, getting the jewelry stuck or it can interfere with the integrity of the piercing. Unless a health professional tells you to, do not remove the jewelry, no matter how irritated it may feel. This will cause your piercing to heal up.
Once your piercing is healed, removing or switching jewelry out is fine. Another tip to avoid infection is not to allow your piercing to come in to contact with another person’s blood, sweat, saliva or other bodily fluids. Many people think using products like rubbing alcohol or peroxide will fight infection and keep the number of germs down. While this may seem true, using these products on a new piercing can cause scar tissue to form. You should also avoid pools, hot tubs, lakes, rivers, hot baths and etc. Any form of standing water can introduce bacteria into your piercing.

A surefire way to avoid infection and encourage proper healing is by using a specialized aftercare piercing spray like H2Ocean’s Piercing Aftercare Spray. In addition to the ease of use with the spray application, H2Ocean’s Piercing Aftercare Spray is made of all natural ingredients and helps to reduce healing time, while safely removing discharge when used as directed.
For the most part, the aftercare of a constellation piercing is similar to other piercings. It’s pretty simple and straightforward. Be patient in your healing process as it takes a different time for every person and can take up to 3 months or more to completely heal up. However, at the end of this process, you will have an awesome looking constellation piercing that can be customized.


Table of Contents


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