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CBD Tattoo Aftercare

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These days, CBD is seemingly everywhere and tattoo aftercare is no exception. Not only can the tattoo process be sometimes stressful, especially if it’s your first time, but it is also an open wound and requires healing. CBD has long been known for its medicinal and healing benefits for many different kinds of illness. Its ability to reduce swelling and inflammation, stimulate cell repair and reduce anxiety makes it the ideal ingredient for tattoo aftercare needs.

Reduce Anxiety & Pain

As with any new experience or even with any stressful or painful experience, anxiety can arise. Not knowing what to expect can be stressful and knowing something will be painful can be stressful. Studies have repeatedly demonstrated the efficacy of CBD for treating pain, anxiety and depression. By interacting with pain receptors in the brain, the stinging and aching sensations of pain can be lessened by applying CBD.


Due to the painful nature of the tattoo process with multiple needles puncturing your skin and injecting ink, this process also damages the skin and causes blood clots, which in turn can cause bruising. The body’s natural defense is to swell the skin which can make the area more tender. CBD is a drug free, plant based alternative to lessen the trauma to the skin.
However, not all CBD tattoo aftercare is made equally. H2Ocean’s Perfect CBD Tattoo Aftercare is a natural, organic, antibacterial protectant that stops bleeding and absorbs fast. It soothes irritation and reduces redness, will not clog machines, tubes or needles and allows for longer sessions. This premium 100% vegan and organic glide can be used during the tattooing healing process and is packed with the 82 trace elements and minerals that make our glides the best-selling on the market. It also offers temporary relief from pain and itching, and calms you without the psychoactive effects. There is a packed 150mg of CBD in each 25g tube, so a little goes a long way. For over two years, H2Ocean has been working alongside trusted and world renowned researchers like CBD Clinic & CBD Medic to assure your Certification of Analysis. H2Ocean quality you can trust in our CBD.

Applying topical CBD products can be a refreshing and useful alternative to dealing with the tattoo application and healing process naturally. Aftercare is as important of a step as the actual tattoo process and should be as carefully considered.


Table of Contents


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