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Ear Piercing Aftercare For Children

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Getting a piercing for a child can be an exciting process for both parent and child, but having the proper knowledge on the aftercare of an ear-piercing is important.

If the new piercing is not properly cleaned, many things can go wrong with the ear-piercing. If you begin to witness redness or swelling within the first twenty-four hours, contact your piercer immediately as it is not common for the new piercing to do so. The aftercare process for ear-piercings is a very sensitive process; it can heal anywhere from 1 to 6 months; it all depends on the person and the time you take caring for your piercing.

The first and most important step to the aftercare of a piercing is making sure that the proper aftercare solution is purchased. H2O Ocean is a recommended brand for all piercing aftercare. H2Ocean’s Vegan Body Piercing Healing Start Up Kit is made with sea salt and ideal for all ages and kinds of piercings. Vegan and gentle, made of all natural ingredients, this kit contains 3 methods of care, spray soak and soap to encourage quicker healing. Sea salt aids in flushing the wound to avoid bumps or keloid scars during its healing process. Before touching or cleaning your piercing you must wash your hands to avoid getting bacteria in the fresh wound, even if you do not directly touch the piercing. Use a cotton swab or cotton ball to apply the solution around the earring and the back, for your best results clean the piercing three to four times a day-It is best to do so after showering. The piercing must be kept dry unless cleaning.

When removing clothes, be careful about doing so because the earring can get caught in your clothing. To keep your piercing from adhering to the ear, turn the earring twice daily. Six weeks after you get your new piercing it is recommended to switch your earrings to a thinner post and do not go longer than twenty-four hours without wearing earrings; this may cause the new hole to close.

Knowing the signs of an infection is just as important as knowing how to care for it. Some symptoms of an infected piercing will include swelling, redness, pain and possibly yellow discharge. To treat your infected piercing, you must wash your hands, clean the wound with sea salt three times a day and do not remove the piercing. Continue to do so until the infection goes away.

How do you know if your piercing is healed? The first way to tell if your piercing is healing is to ask yourself “does it still hurt?”, pain or tenderness in a piercing is normal. When you can lay on the piercing with no problems is a sign that your piercing may be healed. If you notice that there is soreness when changing the jewelry, do not change and wait for another six weeks to do so. If the piercing is healed, you will notice there is no lymph being produced; another way to tell that it is healed is if the piercing is naturally stretched. If you are not sure if your piercing is healed after proper observations, it is best to go, see your piercer or another piercing professional.


Table of Contents


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