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Ocean Foam Skin Moisturizing Barrier Foam

The first all-natural tattoo aftercare product in the world. This breathable moisturizing foam barrier was a novel product to seal and lockin the ink, acting as an invisible bandage. Enhanced with Sea Kelp, Red Marine Algae, and Red Sea Salt to provide essential minerals to the wound site. H2Ocean expands this formula to its other […]

Blue Green Foam Soap Antibacterial Antiviral Foaming Wash

The first vegan all-natural antibacterial Sea Salt foam soap was developed to effectively and gently wash new tattoos and hands without causing excessive damage or drying. Enriched with organic Red Sea Salt and Aloe. The FDA approved BZK as a hand sanitizer in 2017 and H2Ocean expands this product across to mainstream markets. This product […]

Ocean Aid Wound Care Spray And Foam

Oceanzymes spray and foam is the first patented Red Sea Salt wound care of its kind. Developed to be a sterile, all-natural wound care to assist in the body’s natural healing process. Enhanced with 3 times the amount of the antibacterial enzyme Lysozyme. Both products were awarded the APMA seal of approval. Used for diabetic […]

Vet Aid Spray And Foam


The first Red Sea Salt based all natural wound care products for animals. Vet Aid’s enzymatic sprays and foams were developed to effectively treat wounds and other skin conditions in small and large animals in an all-natural way. Enhanced with 2 times the amount of anti-bacterial enzyme Lysozyme. Vet Aid is sterile, chemical-free, and non-stinging.

Sea Life Spf45 Extreme Sunscreen

One of the first reef-safe and tear-free formulas on the market for surfers and is safe for use around the eves. Sea Life SPF45 sunscreen with Clear Zinc Oxide was designed to effectively protect your skin and body art from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun. H2Ocean’s Sea Life is water-resistant, oil-free […]

Surfers Choice Spf50 Ocean & Reef Safe Dri-Mist Sunscreen

Choice SPF50 UVA/UVB dry-mist sunscreen is reef safe and eco-friendly developed by surfers for surfers and is child safe. Surfers Choice is infused with Aloe Vera and Jojoba extract for natural hydration. Surfers Choice dries quickly with no oily residue and is water resistant to provide coverage for over 80 minutes of sun protection. Surfers […]

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