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How Long Does It Take For A Monroe Piercing To Fully Heal?

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There are many different kinds of lip piercings available for you, but the Monroe piercing is one the most popular types of piercings for women. This piercing was inspired by the beauty mark of the famed actress Marilyn Monroe. It is also one of the most popular and requested piercings that is placed on the upper lips. A 14g or 16g labret is usually used for this piercing and shortened after the pierced area is healed.

Once you decide to get a Monroe piercing, the next question probably running through your mind is, how long does it take for a Monroe piercing to fully heal? The answer to this varies from one person to another because different people handle this lip piercing in different manners. But the time period for the piercing to be healed completely can vary in range from 3 to 10 weeks.

In order to minimize healing time, you will need to pay proper attention to the piercing aftercare tips to make sure that the Monroe piercing is healed completely.

We recommend using H2Ocean’s Piercing Aftercare Spray which is designed to help in removing the lymph secretions and dried discharge in a safe and effective manner. It also helps in reducing the healing time which is achieved when the product works to reduce the issues that might cause problems for the piercings to heal.

Using a safe and effective product like H2Ocean’s Piercing Aftercare Spray is a very important part of piercing aftercare that you should follow since it will help to your piercing quickly because it is specifically made for piercing aftercare unlike the other products on the market.

You also always need to make sure that the area is clean and dry. Proper care will also help to avoid blisters and swellings since it will delay the healing process and can also cause irritation to the area.
If you follow the steps above you will be happy you did and can proudly show off your Monroe piercing to everyone.


Table of Contents


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