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How To Clean An Infected Tattoo

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Among the many things to consider when getting a tattoo, dealing with an infection is not usually highest on the list. It may be your tenth tattoo and you know the drill, or it may be your first and you are unaware that infection is a possibility. Infection is not typical if the proper aftercare methods are followed. However, extenuating circumstances, negligence or ignorance can lead to the unwanted infected tattoo.

Here’s what you have to do immediately:

1. First, wash your hands thoroughly with soap

2. Wash off the soap from your hands

3. Use a gentle soap to wash the infected area

4. Use antiseptic for the infected area

5. Dry the area very carefully

6. Write down every change that you notice every day

7. Repeat this procedure daily

How can you get an infection?

It is easy to infect your tattoo. After the procedure, you have an open wound, literally. You are exposed to bacteria or germs anywhere and much more vulnerable with a fresh tattoo. It’s very important not to expose your tattoo and not to allow contact with anything unsterile.

You can also get an infection during the process itself, if the equipment or the tattoo artist did not practice sterile measures. Tattooing is a procedure you have to be responsible for; that’s why you have to be very attentive to all the details while you are in a tattoo parlor.

What you can do to prevent an infection?

Unfortunately, no matter how careful you were, there’s still a chance that your tattoo will get an infection. Still, you can minimize this possibility by doing everything that depends on you. You need to constantly stay alert from the moment that you are entering a tattoo parlor to when your wounds are completely healed.

Don’t forget to wash your hands every time you are going to touch the discussed area. Take care of your new tattoo daily. This is for your own safety and to protect the integrity of your art. It is highly recommended to utilize products that are specifically made for the aftercare process like H2Ocean’s Extreme Tattoo Care kit. Best for harder to reach or heal areas, this all natural kit was designed to cleanse and moisturize your healing tattoo to keep it bright and beautiful for many years to come. There’s even a helpful tip card included so that you are set up for success.

How to identify if your tattoo is infected?

Try to be very attentive to changes in the area of your tattoo. If you end up with an infection, certain symptoms will signal that. However, in the beginning, they may be too mild to notice, so the sooner you start treatment, the better. If you notice the following signs, please don’t ignore them; it’s your body telling you that something is wrong.

1. You feel the heat when you touch the area

2. You feel stinging in the area

3. Rash spreading gradually over the area

4. Blood comes from scabs

5. Blisters appear

6. You feel pain around the area

In the next stage of infection development, you will notice the appearance of pus, red lines, boils, bleeding increase, swelling in the area of lymph nodes, high temperature and even shaking. If symptoms of infection become severe, don’t hesitate to contact a specialist for medical help. Don’t be frivolous with this matter. Immediately seek out professionals to give you proper treatment.


Table of Contents


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