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How To Deal With A Pimple On A New Tattoo

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It is completely normal to get a pimple on a new tattoo. Many people worry that a pimple on their tattoo will cause a permanent discoloration to the ink. When a tattoo that is starting to heal is subject to a huge, red, pus filled pimple, it isn’t the end of the world. It is not very common for the pimple to completely mess up your ink. Believe it or not, dots and pimples form on top of the actual tattoo ink. This means that the tattoo remains damage free when acne forms over the tattoo. If someone pops or picks at the dots or pimples, their tattoo can turn out to be a disaster. No matter how innocent it may seem, even the slightest amount of pimple popping on top of your ink can cause some unnecessary problems.

First of all, if a tattoo is new and is still in it’s healing process, the skin is going to be like a big open wound, and more than likely the ink will not be completely set in to place.

Whether someone picks, pops, or scratches at a pimple, it is easy to mess up any ink that may be unsettled and cause it to come out of the skin. This certain kind of damage can, in the long run, cause your tattoo to look patchy and begin to fade in particular areas. It can also cause a tattoo to scar in major cases.

Furthermore, the tattoo is a open wound, it is highly receptive to infection. If someone pops a pimple and it becomes infected, it could cause damage to the area and make it look deformed. If someone has any doubt that their tattoo may be infected, seeking a doctors opinion or showing it to tattoo artist is advisable.

To make sure any pimples on the tattoo aren’t starting to cause any kind of infection or causing a allergic reaction, it is important not to pop or pick at any of the pimples. Picking or popping pimples is not a good choice, and would not make the situation any better in any way. It is important to stop an infection from beginning around your tattoo in the first place.

One more thing you need to avoid doing is applying any strong chemicals over the tattoo. This includes but is not limited to acne treatment lotions. The chemicals have the ability to be very strong, and due to the fact that your skin is so sensitive during the first few weeks you get a tattoo, those harsh chemicals can be potentially irritating and cause inflammation around the tattooed skin, not mentioning the possibly delayed time for it to heal.

It is vital to make sure you clean the area around the tattoo often to make sure there are no outbreaks or future spreading of the pimples. Applying high quality, sensitive skin tattoo lotion after cleaning the area helps soothe and hydrate the skin. H2Ocean’s Extreme Tattoo Care kit was specially designed to safely cleanse your new tattoo while keeping it nourished. This ointment based kit is ideal for hard to heal areas where skin bends and cracks and will keep your new tattoo bright and beautiful for many years to come.


Table of Contents


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