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How To Keep Your New Tattoo Clean

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Many things will go through your mind during the process of getting a new tattoo. You’ll consider what artist to use, what design you want, what area you plan to get tattooed. However, you may not be thinking of what happens after; how do I keep my new tattoo clean? Tattoo aftercare is a critical step once you have left the tattoo studio. It will certainly determine how your tattoo holds up for the rest of your life and make a huge difference if you do not make the proper aftercare choices.

Day 1

You want to wait at least two hours after you get your new tattoo to unwrap the tattoo from the wrap that your tattoo artist has wrapped it up in. Get some warm water running in the sink and wash your hands. Then take some of the warm water and splash it on the tattoo to wash off the extra plasma. You might see blood, which is normal, because a new tattoo is an open wound. After you get some warm water on the tattoo, use a mild, unscented soap to gently rub over the tattoo. You don’t want to wash it hard or too much, just enough to clean it.

Then, rise the soap off as much as you can. The next thing is to gather a few sheets of paper towels to softly pat dry it. You don’t want to rub it because you don’t want the ink to run. Just lay a sheet on the tattoo and then take it off. Do that with each sheet until it’s as dry as possible. If some ink is on the paper towel as you pull it off, that is normal. Now you’ll want to apply a new bandage as this just keeps the germs and other foreign objects away while you are sleeping.

Day 2 and 3

You’ll want to wash it 3 times throughout the day (breakfast, lunch and dinner), patting dry with clean paper towels and waiting at least 30 minutes to air dry then adding healing ointment.

Day 4 and 5

You’ll continue washing once a day and waiting 30 minutes to air dry then you’ll want to add an unscented moisturizer throughout the day instead of the healing ointment. The moisturizer will help the tattoo moisturized. Remember, do not itch and keep out of the sun!

Though most mild, unscented soaps will work well for cleaning, H2Ocean’s Ultimate Tattoo Care kit is the ultimate choice in your tattoo healing process. A complete aftercare system that encourages fast healing, all kit products are made of all natural, water based ingredients providing nourishment and moisture. Designed for all stages of healing, this kit will help keep your tattoo bright and beautiful for many years to come.


Table of Contents


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