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How To Protect Your Tattoo From The Sun

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There are many ways of guarding your tattoos against the rays of the sun. The most effective way is to stay indoors most of the time, but who does that?!? When you go outdoors, you should at least use some protection. People have used makeup and other wrong solutions that put harmful chemicals into your tattoo. Some great solutions that will help protect your tattoos against the sun is sunscreen and long sleeve clothing. Below are the protective solutions.

1. Sunscreen
From the many solutions available, sunscreen specifically formulated for tattoos is the most trusted method. People have for the longest time used it to protect their tattoos. Get a sunscreen that is 30 SPF and above and apply liberally until your tattoos do not experience the sun’s bad effects. We recommend H2Ocean Sea Life SPF 45 Sunscreen because it can be used during the healing process, so it can be part of your aftercare regimen.

2. Taping over tattoos
Sometimes tattoos are in places that are hard to reach. Due to this, you cannot apply sunscreen by yourself and it might be awkward to ask someone you just met at the beach to do it for you. To avoid being the beach creeper in this scenario, use tape as an alternative to protect your tattoo investment. Tape is a good tattoo guard during barbecues, hikes, among other events that are outdoor. But no matter how robust your tape is, its adhesiveness will be worn out by water.

3. Tattoo Specific Long Sleeve Clothing
Another great protection method is long sleeves (unless you live in Florida.) There are special long sleeves on the market for people with tattoos that are more advantageous than sunscreen. The fabric chosen for these sleeves protects your tattoos from 98% of harmful UV sun rays. Another great benefit of the long sleeves is that they work perfectly in both water and air. When out of the water, the sleeves dry quick. This is, therefore, a great method to guard your tattoo while at the beach.

These few methods of tattoo protection against the sun are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more methods that could assist you to guard your tattoos. But these three are best when it comes to this problem. They will help you best and ensure your tattoo investment is safe.


Table of Contents


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