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How To Take Care Of A Daith Piercing

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In the world of body piercings, the daith piercing is very popular. It is an ear piercing that goes through the innermost cartilage, right above the ear canal opening.

While it has been around since ancient times, it has gained a lot of popularity in more recent years. Because of its unusual position and various styles of jewelry that can be worn, a lot of people have been drawn to this type of piercing. This is why tattoo and piercing shops perform this type of piercing a lot. However, this procedure is not simple because it requires a special type of a curved needle and a piercing specialist who knows how to perform this type of procedure.

When the procedure is completed, those who get it have to follow the proper piercing aftercare steps for a daith piercing to get the best results. Then the person can really enjoy their new piercing and not have any additional problems. Fortunately, when it comes to keeping the daith piercing in the best shape, anyone can do it with the right knowledge. Below is the essential information on how to make sure a daith piercing will not experience any issues later on.

The Healing Process Explained
The first thing that has to be kept in mind is that a daith piercing takes quite a while to heal completely. This is because the area that is pierced is fleshy and thick so the perforation impacts the wider area of the ear. The same space has a limited supply of blood, so the recovery takes longer than the tongue or the belly button which tend to heal much quicker.
This also adds to the potential of something going wrong with the perforation. Also, it should be noted that the ear is exposed to the outside elements which make it prone to infections. With this in mind, it is important to recognize that a daith piercing will take between four to twelve months to fully heal.

Things to do during the Healing Process
After the piercing is complete, the first thing anyone should do when the healing beings is to avoid perfumes, makeup or any other types of harsh skincare or cosmetic products to the area. Most of these can agitate the tissue which can lengthen the healing time.

The pierced area should be cleaned several times per day, especially after wearing headphones, using the telephone or having any prolonged contact between the ear and some other surface.

Finally, there is a product that can make the same healing period a lot easier which is H2Ocean’s Piercing Aftercare Spray. This spray is able to cleanse your piercings from both the body’s secretion and outside elements. It also has lysozyme and sea salt to make it effective yet completely safe for use by anyone. Its effectiveness has been proven time and time again, so there is no reason why it also should not be used for daith piercings. It’s one of the only products out there made specifically for piercing aftercare. Those in the know, agree that H2Oceans’s Piercing Aftercare Spray is the only product you should turn to.

If you follow these aftercare piercing steps for your daith piercing you will be happy you did and know it was well worth the wait.


Table of Contents


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