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How to Take Care of a Labret Piercing

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A labret is a type of body jewelry inserted through the outside of the lip or cheek and ending inside the mouth. Professional piercers warn that you should expect bleeding, swelling, bruising and pain for about five days after getting the piercing. During this time, it is important to exercise proper piercing aftercare to prevent infections and any medical complications that may arise. Some of the measures you can take include:

Clean the outer lip area well
Avoid harsh skin care products such as regular soaps, alcohol-based products, and gels which can irritate the area and further delay healing. You should instead use solutions packed with natural and skin-friendly ingredients. For example, H2Ocean’s Piercing Aftercare Spray can help to remove the dried discharge and lymph secretions if used regularly, about every 3 hours on your piercings.

Research indicates that you can achieve shorter healing times if you use products that create optimal healing environments instead of using chemicals such as bactine and soaps that kill beneficial bacteria.

Alongside using the right skin care products, ensure you clean the area at night and morning, or at any time if you believe the area has come into contact with germs or bacteria. Try as much as possible to keep ointments and makeup away from the healing area as these can cause irritation and damage to the skin and wound.

Oral Hygiene
It is important to brush your teeth slowly and gently with a soft-bristled toothpaste using fluoride toothpaste. Once you get your labret piercing, use a new toothbrush to ensure the bacteria from the old brush doesn’t enter the mouth. When the piercing heals, brush your teeth and the jewelry inside the mouth a little more vigorously to ward off plaque build-up.

Use Paper Towels
You need to regularly pat the skin dry if there is any ooze from the wound. Use paper towels instead of cloth towels as cloth towels can be both a source of bacteria to the wound as well as help to snag the jewelry.


Table of Contents


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