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How To Take Care Of A Medusa Piercing

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Medusa piercings have become popular, mostly among women to get a trendy and stylish look. You can wear some bold jewelry to further enhance the appeal. Many women are interested in medusa piercings but they are unaware of the process, healing duration, and aftercare treatment.

There is no doubt that medusa piercings have become a trend for the younger generation. However, you will have to go through a painful procedure and healing stages to get the best outcome.

Proper aftercare treatment is essential to get the ideal result you are looking for. If you are interested in medusa piercing and want to know about the procedure and healing process, read on.

What is a Medusa piercing?
This is a type of piercing done below the spectrum of your nose and above the upper lip. This area is known as philtrum. Therefore, it is also called philtrum piercing. During the process, a labret stud is used as jewelry. The stud comes with three separate sections. These are the bead, barbell, and disk.

The bead will remain on outside. It is available in hundreds of colors and styles. You can choose the one depending on your preference. The barbell is the middle section that connects the bead and disk. The disk is the final section. It remains at the back.

What should you expect during the process?
The process needs to be done by experts. Any minor mistake will affect the look as well as the end result. In addition, if it is not placed properly, it might cause some other issues like dental erosion and gum recession. The piercer will start the process by cleaning the outer area with antibacterial substances. You will be asked to rinse inside of your mouth using antiseptic oral solution. The piercer will use a pen to make a mark and then they will use a sharp thin and hollow needle to penetrate your philtrum. After the penetration, they will use a special instrument to put the jewelry.

Will it take long for healing?
The healing will take between six to twelve weeks. The healing process will vary depending on your immunity, health, and aftercare procedures.

The pain and swelling will continue for a few days. However, it will take longer for complete healing. You will have to follow some aftercare instructions for six to twelve weeks to ensure fast healing. In the initial days, you will have to take some precautions. You will have to eat and drink carefully. You need to avoid smoking and anything else that can damage the piercing and can delay the healing.

The best way to ensure a quick healing is to use a specialized aftercare product. We recommend H2Ocean’s Piercing Aftercare Spray. This product is designed to ensure proper healing within the minimum possible time. It is made of natural ingredients to offer the best result regardless of skin type. The spray is pH balanced, gluten-free and easy to use. It will decrease the healing time significantly.


Table of Contents


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