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How You Can Tell Your Tattoo Has Finished Healing

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After a person gets a tattoo there is going to be some healing time. Many people do not know when their tattoo is fully healed. There are certainly ways to tell if the tattoo has finished healing though.

Use The Proper Products
Most professional tattoo artists will agree that one of the most crucial steps in the tattooing process is the healing and aftercare stage. A pristine application can be forever ruined by neglectful aftercare. With H2Ocean’s Extreme Tattoo Care kit, you will easily breeze through the healing process successfully. The unique 3-step system contains cleansing, preserving and moisturizing ointments that are gentle on the skin and will ensure your tattoo will stay bright and beautiful for many years to come.

Give It Some Time
All good things come in time and tattoos are no different. Even when using H2Ocean’s Extreme Tattoo Care kit, it is typically recommended to allow the tattoo to heal for six weeks. If a person has a certain skin or medical condition, the healing time may be longer. The tattoo may continue to peel for a period of up to 2 months and this can normal. It’s important to keep in mind though that even if the tattoo has healed on the surface, there can still be healing under the skin that needs to be taken place.

Even with proper aftercare, the tattoo will continue to heal and scabs or white pieces of skin may come off, similarly to a sunburn. The shedding is the damaged skin that is coming off. While this is happening, the ink from the tattoo is sinking into the lower levels of the skin so it will be permanent. If a person sees scabs on the tattoo, it doesn’t mean that it is fully healed. The scabs should not be picked as it can interfere with the healing process.

If the tattoo still hurts, it is a good indication that it is not fully healed. If a person still feels pain, this is a sign that the skin and even the nerves under the skin are not healed and that it is still in process. Even if the tattoo does not hurt indoors, it may hurt when exposed to sunlight; also a sign that it is not healed fully. If the tattoo is still hurting after more than 6 weeks, it may be time to get it checked professionally.

Cloudy Look
If the tattoo has scabbed over and the scab has fallen off the skin, your tattoo may appear cloudy, which is a good sign that the tattoo is healing. Blues and blacks are often more cloudy. While it may be a slow healing process, a person should keep on exercising the proper aftercare. Once the tattoo is bright and vibrant, this can be a sign that it is healed.

If the tattoo is oozing, it is not healed. If the tattoo is oozing for more than 48 hours, a person should get it checked out by a doctor. If the tattoo does not have any discharge, ointment can be applied.

These are some ways that a person can tell if the tattoo is healed. Everyone heals differently so it is important to give the skin enough time to heal properly and use the proper ointments and aftercare products on the tattoo.


Table of Contents


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