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Introducing H2Ocean’s BZK Hand Sanitizer

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Now Introducing H2Ocean’s All New Rinse Free Hand Sanitizer Foam Soap

H2Ocean has been the leading company in creating safe, quality and environmentally friendly products for the tattoo industry. In creating these products, it became clear that the attention to detail on cleanliness and quality also translates to other industries. H2Ocean would like to introduce a new, eco-friendly, moisturizing hand sanitizer that is perfect for anyone.

Benefits of H2Ocean BZK Hand Sanitizer

There are major benefits that bring H2Ocean BZK Hand Sanitizer to the next level. The first is that there is no harsh alcohol used in this blend, which is the primary side effect from most hand sanitizers, which is harsh on your skin. It is also antibacterial while killing 99.9% of most common germs. Another aspect about H2Ocean’s BZK Hand Sanitizer is that it is hypoallergenic. There are no fragrance or dyes used in creating this product. These qualities are what bring H2Ocean to achieve the perfect Ph balance for your skin. H2Ocean BZK Hand Sanitizer is also TSA approved. You are able to travel with it everywhere, including air travel.

What Separates H2Ocean Hand Sanitizer From The Rest?

H2Ocean uses high quality ingredients that create their proprietary blends in all their products. This is also true for their hand sanitizer. The ingredients list is important and the 2 main active ingredients are aloe vera and sea salt. Aloe vera is an amazing plant and has various benefits. These benefits include helping heal burns, soothe and moisturize skin, improves digestive health, promotes oral health, clear acne and more. Aloe vera is a plant and H2Ocean harnesses its natural abilities into the BZK Hand Sanitizer. The second important ingredient is sea salt. And not just any sea salt. H2Ocean sources its sea salt from the Red Sea. The Red Sea boasts the largest diversity of marine fauna of all tropical reefs around the world and has the highest density of coral per cubic meter of sea. This leads to creating a unique bio-diversity that enriches the sea salt to a higher level. Sea salt offers better health benefits than regular table salt due to its ability to retain its natural trace minerals. These minerals help neutralize acids in the body. This is a small example of H2Ocean’s commitment to providing quality, safe products.

H2Ocean BZK Hand Sanitizer is also proudly made in the USA and is FDA approved. The H2Ocean BZK Hand Sanitizer is extremely user friendly with a simple push pump at the top. Simply press and out comes the foam. Apply generously and scrub for a minimum of 20 seconds or until all of the H2Ocean BZK Hand Sanitizer is gone.

To learn more about H2Ocean BZK Hand Sanitizer visit:


Table of Contents


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