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Is Your Body Rejecting Your New Piercing?

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Sometimes we want to do things that our bodies do not totally agree with. Whether it be riding one too many rides at a carnival or eating too much fast food at once and then having to deal with the stomach issues that it will cause you. The same thing applies when you get a new tattoo or piercing. Sometimes, if not done properly or treated right afterwards, your body can react to it badly and it starts to hurt or worse. Infection is certainly a possibility.
Your body is more likely to reject a piercing if it’s in a flat area. If you are planning on getting a piercing in your eyebrow, hip, or even your belly button, just know that the risks for rejection are higher in those areas.
There are warning signs though if your body is going to start to react negatively to the piercing, so that you can be in the know as soon as possible and be ready to remove the piercing and start treating the area before it gets too bad. Some of the common signs of possible rejection are: if the jewel has moved from its original spot; if it starts to drop or hang where it shouldn’t; or if it’s moving differently than it’s supposed to. The holes between entrance and exit can also get bigger if your body is going to reject the piercing.
Other symptoms can be if the skin around the piercing is flaky, peeling, red or painful, turning a different color, or it starts to leak out pus. If any of this happens, your body is rejecting the piercing and you should start the healing process immediately.

To ensure that you can heal up your pierced area quickly without losing progress, try using a different material for the piercing or getting a different size. Sometimes bodies react badly to the type of metal used to make the jewels and will turn your skin green. Other times, bodies are just not ready to stretch out if you are sizing up your gauge.
To try to prevent piercing rejection so that you do not have to worry about any of the negative sides of getting a piercing, you can try out H2Ocean’s Piercing Aftercare Spray. It is a product meant to help clean and disinfect the pierced area so that it doesn’t get infected or start to reject. It can also help if your body has already started to reject the piercing.


Table of Contents


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