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Oral Piercing Aftercare Tips

Oral piercings have become a common form of fashion that is here to stay. More people are getting them for different reasons. Whether it is lip piercing or tongue piercing, they all offer the same benefits. This article gives some oral piercing aftercare tips but before we dive in here are some benefits of oral piercings that have made them attractive.

They are less painful
Oral piercings are said to be less painful than other types of body piercings and they heal up much faster. This is one of the reasons more people are going for them. Should you decide to remove the piercing, other types of piercing are more likely to leave a permanent scar. On the other hand, lip and tongue piercings rarely leave scars whenever you remove them.

Tongue piercings are discrete
Tongue piercings are more discrete than other facial piercings because people may not see it unless you stick out your tongue which you may not do often. So, it is great for people who may not want to attract attention with their piercings.

Lip piercing improves your look
Lip piercing as well as other piercings on the face makes you look better and more sexually appealing. Many guys are more attracted to women with facial piercings. In addition, some women with oral piercings said they left it longer than they planned to, because it makes kissing more passionate and pleasurable. However, you need to apply certain aftercare tips to keep your mouth and its piercings healthy. Some of them are have been outlined below.

Important aftercare tips for oral piercings

1. Use H2Ocean’s Healing Rinse Arctic Ocean Mint
The most important tip is to rinse your mouth regularly with H2Ocean’s Healing Rinse Arctic Ocean Mint. There are several reasons why this product is your best bet but the most important reason is because it is recommended by dentists. 

No doubt, the oral rinse will facilitate the healing of your lip and tongue after piercing. The product is also free from alcohol, fluoride, and harmful chemical solutions, so it is safe for you. Being made of sea salt, the oral rinse has some enzymes that are naturally found in human saliva. With xylitol as one of its ingredients, the mouth rinse prevents dry mouth and sore throat. 

With this mouthwash, you will never have to bother about plaque forming on or around your teeth. Since xylitol is a natural sweetener, the taste of the rinse is also encouraging. Rinsing your mouth with this product is like washing your mouth with a combination of sea salt solution and an anti-bacterial mouthwash. Most of all, it is safe for all ages.

2. Avoid drinking alcohol
People with oral piercings are advised to stay away from taking alcoholic drinks and this is another reason you are better off with the oral rinse discussed above. It is absolutely non-alcoholic.

3. Avoid drinking hot drinks
To avoid reopening old wounds, people with oral piercings should avoid drinking hot drinks like hot tea or hot coffee for as long as they still have the piercing on.

4. Touch your tongue ring less often
You cannot always be sure that your hands are free of bacteria, so it is not advisable to touch your oral piercing. You could transmit bacteria from your hand to your tongue through touching.



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