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Organic, Patented Sea Salt Mouthwash Can Help to Prevent Infections

H2Ocean® Mouthwash excellent for piercings.

Our oral rinses come in two distinct flavors – Arctic Ocean and Lemon Ice – designed to be gentle on the mouth. These rinses have been enriched with antibacterial enzymes and plant-based compounds for additional protection.

H2Ocean® has recently announced its ambition to offer customers natural options for oral hygiene. Unlike conventional mouthwashes, which indiscriminately kill both harmful and good bacteria, H2Ocean’s products are designed to be more targeted in their approach. Furthermore, these natural alternatives are usually safe to swallow, making them ideal for parents looking for an oral care product for their children.

H2Ocean’s Healing Rinses are an excellent choice for people of all ages as they are composed of organic, natural ingredients. These oral rinses also have the added benefit of being free of fluoride and alcohol, so they are not harmful if swallowed.

H2Ocean’s patented mouthwash formula contains unrefined sea salt as its main ingredient. This salt contains over 80 trace minerals and nutrients necessary for proper cell functioning. Beyond just cleaning the mouth, the sea salt in the mouthwash has natural healing properties and can be used to remedy sore throats, infected piercings, canker sores, and sensitive gums.

H2Ocean’s Healing Rinses contain the perfect amount of sea salt to create an ideal environment for lysozyme, an antibacterial enzyme targeting over 650 types of bacteria and other pathogens. This enzyme is also naturally found in saliva; the rinses enhance its activity. Therefore, the rinses protect the body from harmful bacteria and pathogens.

H2Ocean’s Healing Rinses are flavored with xylitol, a natural sweetener from fruits and vegetables. This compound can not only prevent dry mouth and reduce plaque, but it can also reduce the risk of cavities and staining. Additionally, xylitol has a low glycemic index, making the product safe for diabetics.

For over six years, H2Ocean® has been revolutionizing the skin and oral care industries with their line of USP-grade, sea salt-based products. Their 20 years of research into marine biology and bioactivity have allowed them to develop products with proven health benefits, such as their latest innovation: oral rinses.

If you want to learn more about H2Ocean® Mouthwash, please visit the official product website at https://h2ocean-mouthwash.com.



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