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Piercing Aftercare Myths & Facts – 2020

If you are looking to get your body pierced, then you should know about body piercing aftercare facts and myths. Body piercing is a practice of cutting or puncturing certain areas of the body to create openings to wear jewelry or implants. Currently, the body piercing industry does not have federal regulations, and there is no legislation on the books for the industry. Body piercing consumers must make choices about their safety and health, and that leads to myths and word of mouth aftercare. The body piercing industry has numerous myths about piercing, and some of the time, the myths are wrapped so delicately that they can easily pass as fact. Common myths and facts about body piercing aftercare include the following:

1. Myth: For comfort, you can numb the area to be pierced.

Fact: Numbing creams will not eliminate or decrease your pain or discomfort. A reputable body piercer will not recommend numbing lotion. Avoid the shops that used that use any numbing products.

2. Myth: Salt solution and water can be used to make aftercare cleansing solution.

Fact: Sea salt and water is the correct mixture to make aftercare solution. The differences in the salt lie in the body’s response to the salt when applied to the skin. Using an all natural solution like H2Ocean’s Healing Soak Sea Salt Concentrate will cleanse your piercing, safely removing dried discharge and lymph secretions.

3. Myth: Moving and twisting of jewelry is beneficial to healing.

Fact: Moving and twisting of jewelry does not contribute to the healing process. The actions actually aggravate the wound by allowing bacteria to fester in the channel. Moving and twisting can increase the chance of infection and irritation, preventing the skin from healing. You should clean all your jewelry to remove any build-up to ensure the removal of bodily fluids.

4. Myth: Eyebrow piercings can cause paralysis in your face.

Facts: Tragus and eyebrow procedures do not affect the nerve because the process does not require a deep puncture.

5. Myth: Body piercing should be cleaned with hydrogen peroxide and alcohol.

Fact: You should not use hydrogen peroxide and alcohol to clean body piercing. Hydrogen peroxide has a drying agent that can cause harm to delicate tissue that needs to heal. Your piercing should be cleaned with mild soap and warm water. Saline solutions that are preservative-free are effective as well. The best cleaning method is using a specialized aftercare spray like H2Ocean’s Piercing Aftercare Spray. This all natural spray is easy to apply, helping to heal your new piercing in the most sterile way.

6. Myth: Body piercing is just an invite to infection.

Fact: Infection is an issue to anyone considering body piercing. Body piercings require a plan to combat infection. Proper aftercare can prevent infection. Precautions should be taken to reduce the risk of infection by you and your body piercing shop. Some of the methods include sanitizing and disinfecting all instruments and jewelry. Proper cleaning, glove changes and hand washing can decrease the chance of contamination as well.

7. Myth: Body piercing can affect X rays.

Fact: While you are required to remove all jewelry before taking X rays, jewelry does not affect the X rays. However, jewelry can be a cause of obstruction from a injury.

8. Myth: MRI machines can rip out your body piercings.

Fact: MRI machines are extremely powerful, but they will not rip out your body jewelry because it is not magnetically reactive. Unfortunately, body jewelry can cause discomfort because of the warming effect of the metal during the process though.



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