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Potential Problems In The Tattoo Healing Stages And How To Prevent

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Tattooing involves skin piercing. So, your skin may react in some unexpected ways. It is important that you follow the proper aftercare procedures to ensure you heal properly without infection. During the healing process, some potential problems are likely to come up. Remember that it’s your responsibility to take care of your tattoos right after you leave the tattoo shop and throughout your life. Here are some of the potential problems in the tattoo healing stages and how to prevent them.

Infection is a common problem that most people experience during the tattoo healing process. An infection may happen immediately or months later, after you get a tattoo. Infections manifest themselves in the form of swellings and redness. Your skin may feel sour, and you may see some clear fluids (pus) coming out from your new art. Scabs may form, and you will mostly experience itchy skin. These are normal side effects that happen during the healing process.
What Action Should You Take?
Once you experience the signs of serious infection, you should see a doctor immediately. Alternately, you can use an ointment-based skin protectant such as Extreme Tattoo Care Kit by H2Ocean. This kit is vital in every healing stage of your tattoo. The kit includes items to cleanse your tattoo properly while providing moisture and nourishment to your skin. It keeps your tattoos beautiful and bright for many years. H2Ocean’s Extreme Tattoo Care Kit is also designed to handle the extremely hard to heal areas in your skin such as skin bends and cracks, keeping them moisturized for long periods of time. The ointment safely protects your skin.

Sun Allergy
You should know that the sun is an enemy to new tattoos. You may get skin allergies every time your tattoo sees the sun’s rays. The allergy reactions may appear immediately or hours later after the sun hits your tattoos. You may experience redness and swelling around the tattoos, itchy rashes and even blisters. Even if you don’t have a defined sun allergy, it is always best practice to be diligent in wearing and reapplying sunscreen, especially with a tattoo, new or already existing. Using an easy to apply spray sunscreen like 6oz H2Ocean Surfers Choice SPF 50 spray will ensure that your skin and tattoo are protected and it’s reef safe, baby safe and tattoo safe.
What Action Should You Take?
Always cover your skin with clothing when going outside in the sun. Additionally, stay in the shade as much as possible when you are outside to reduce sun exposure.

Ink Allergy
You can develop allergic reactions immediately or months later after getting a new tattoo. Most people develop allergies after undertaking other medical treatments. Some of the common signs of ink allergy include redness and swelling, itchiness, deep lumps, blisters, watery fluid from the tattoo, and scaly patches. 
What Action Should You Take?
If you notice you are having an allergic reaction to the ink, visit your doctor for assistance as soon as you can. Alternatively, ointment-based skin protectant such as Extreme Tattoo Care also helps to take care of your skin.

All in all, a tattoo is a wound, and you should take care of it properly to avoid infection. There are many ways to protect and care for your tattoos, but the best one is using H2Ocean’s Extreme Tattoo Care Kit. This product is amazing. It will protect your skin, keeping it moisturized and nourished every time.


Table of Contents


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