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Potential Side Effects And Complications Of Getting A Tattoo

When a person gets a tattoo they may be excited to show off their new piece. Tattoos are becoming more mainstream and it seems like most people are accepting of tattoos. There are still some not so great effects that tattoos have on the body though. These are some of the potential side effects and complications of getting a tattoo.

Bumps from a tattoo can last for years. It is a skin reaction to the tattoo and can be a condition called sarcoidosis. This will affect the entire body, especially the lungs. While the bumps around the tattoo can be treated, this condition can be hard to cure. This condition is not caused by the tattoo but is a skin condition that will appear as a result of the tattoo. The area around the tattoo may become itchy or swell.

Ink Allergy
Some people may be allergic to the ink that is used in the tattoo, especially colored and red ink. Once the tattoo has healed, a person can still experience itching and swelling due to the ink.

Infections are rather common especially if the tattoo shop does not practice the best hygiene habits. When the needles are used on the skin, there is a chance that bacteria or even micro bacteria can cause an infection. After getting a tattoo, a person should use a complete care kit like H2Ocean’s Extreme Tattoo Care to keep the tattoo clean and lower the risk for infection. The kit is convenient and covers all stages of healing.

Infections from Pets
After a person gets a tattoo they do not even think to stay away from their pets. The skin needs to heal and if one pet hair or even a well-meaning lick gets on the tattoo, it can lead to an infection. The tattoo needs to be covered and a person needs to be aware of signs of redness, tenderness, and heat radiating out of the tattoo.

Blood Borne Illnesses
While it is rare, it is still possible to get MRSA from a tattoo. A person may also be at risk for Hepatitis B or C. This can happen if a person comes in contact with contaminated blood. To reduce the risk of happening to be sure to use a clean tattoo shop and work with a reputable professional.

Missed Skin Cancer
If the tattoo is covering a large part of the body or is colorful it is easy to miss the growth of cancerous moles. Be sure to be mindful of any uneven surfaces on your skin and any obvious discoloring.

Caring for a Tattoo
To help reduce the complications from a tattoo, a person should invest in H2Ocean’s Extreme Tattoo Care kit. This kit contains products designed to protect the skin and allow the tattoo to heal. It will also help the tattoo keep its coloring and help keep the tattoo clean. This product contains palm seed oil and minerals to help protect the tattoo and keep it looking new for a longer period.

These are some possible complications from a tattoo. If a person still wants to get a tattoo even with the possible side effects they need to find a clean tattoo shop and take proper care of their tattoo.



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