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Your Ultimate Natural Sea Salt Nasal Spray Experience

H2Ocean has developed all natural unrefined sea salt based nasal spray products backed by science. Our patented natural sea salt nasal care products are formulated to cleanse, clear, irrigate, and moisturize the nasal cavities providing an unparalleled natural sinus relief experience helping people breathe better.

No more settling for habit forming addictive chemical nasal decongestants. It’s time to level up and experience the amazing benefits of our exceptional non stinging mist natural sea salt nasal care products that have the highest quality, safety, and effectiveness.

Our patented sea salt based nasal care products are enriched with natural ingredients, xylitol, and lysozyme that works together immediately for faster nasal relief.

You can trust in our commitment to your nasal health with our powerful unrefined natural sea salt nasal care products.

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Pure and Safe Ingredients

Experience safe and clean nasal relief with H2Ocean patented natural sea salt nasal care products.

Our patented mineral enriched sea salt based nasal care products are formulated with organically sourced unrefined hand harvested Red Sea salt. Say goodbye to nasal congestion and inflammation with our non stinging mist natural nasal decongestion relief experience. Breathe easily and feel relieved from nasal symptoms like cold, flu, and allergies. It can be used regularly on a daily basis or as needed unlike other chemical based nasal sprays on the market.

Fast and Effective Nasal Relief

Get fast and effective relief from nasal congestion and discomfort.

Experience the healing power of our non addictive Red Sea salt based nasal care products that are enriched with 82 trace minerals, lysozyme and xylitol that target nasal congestion, expand nasal airways, and naturally reduces the sinus inflammation. Our commitment to our customers is to meet the highest quality standards and safety that is backed by science.

Natural, Gentle and Soothing Hydration

Contains 82 trace minerals with added moisturizers to hydrate your nasal passages

Give your nasal passages the natural non burning care they deserve! Our sea salt based non addictive nasal care products are organically sourced from the Red Sea, one of the most diverse ecosystems of the planet. Our nasal care products do not contain any chemicals, habit forming drugs, harmful preservatives, or steroids. Our products are naturally formulated to cleanse, moisturize, nourish, and hydrate your nasal passages without any side effects.

Table of Contents

Nasalzyme Max Sea Salt Nasal Spray

H2Ocean® Nasalzyme: Gentle Formula and Maximum Strength

Enriched with 82 natural elements organically sourced from unrefined Red Sea salt, lysozyme and xylitol, Nasalzyme Max Sea Salt Nasal Spray 2oz formula is your go to remedy for allergies, cold, flu, post nasal drip, and extreme nasal or sinus congestion.

Our non addictive nasal spray is scientifically formulated to provide fast and effective relief from nasal irritants like allergens, dust, pollens, pet dander, and germs. Nasalzyme Max also relieves nasal stuffiness and symptoms of the common cold, flu, and viruses.

Breathe easily and effortlessly as Nasalzyme Max naturally clears the way for easy breathing.

Our unique formula of natural ingredients includes lysozyme, grapefruit seed extract, and xylitol to not only cleanse your nasal cavity but also to nourish your cells with 82 trace elements and minerals while fighting harmful bacteria.

Nasalzyme Gentle Sea Salt Nasal Spray

H2Ocean® Nasalzyme Sea Salt Nasal care with Lysozyme, Gentle Formula

Nasalzyme Gentle Sea Salt Nasal Spray contains only the bare essentials to gently cleanse, clear, and moisturize your nasal passages like no other natural product in the market today.

Unlike other nasal saline solutions in the market, we have the only patented, non stinging, mineral enriched sea salt formula that is safe for the whole family.

Nasalzyme Gentle only contains four natural ingredients: Purified water, vegetable glycerin, sea salt, and sodium citrate. This makes it an ideal choice for people of all ages, including infants, who need non burning nasal relief.

H2Ocean sea salt based nasal care sprays offer a natural solution to common nasal and sinus problems such as stuffy nose, dryness, inflammation, congestion and irritation. Whether these nasal and sinus problems are caused by colds, allergies, air travel, low humidity, or overuse of chemical decongestants, H2Ocean natural sea salt nasal care products provide immediate relief without any side effects.

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