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Healing Rinse Natural Sea Salt Oral Care Lemon Ice

Available in 8oz and 16oz and bundles of two

Healing your mouth has never tasted better! H2Ocean Lemon Ice is alcohol and fluoride-free and enriched with sea salt and natural enzymes, which reduce plaque, help gums and heal wounds faster.

  • Sea Salt
  • Xylitol
  • Alcohol-Free
  • Fluoride-Free
  • Safe for All Ages
  • Recommended by dentists
  • Fresh, Great Taste


Healing Rinse Natural Sea Salt Oral Care 16oz Lemon Ice is our patented organic red sea salt and natural antibacterial enzyme. Lemon Ice Healing Rinse is refreshing and has the ocean’s healing powers. Our natural flavors are enriched with xylitol to help prevent a dry mouth and leave you with long-lasting fresh breath. Our natural formulas help you heal more effortlessly and faster in a more enjoyable way than chemical or traditional warm salt solutions. H2Ocean’s healing rinses can heal oral piercings, gums, burns, chemo mouth, canker sores, and sore throats. It has no alcohol or artificial flavors.

MADE IN THE USA by H2Ocean, a producer of superior quality all-natural sea salt (not saline table salt) healing products used by medical professionals around the globe that are 100% guaranteed to satisfy.

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