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Horiyoshi Tattoo Kit with Blue Green Foam Soap & Ocean Care Cream

1.7oz Blue Green Foam Soap, 74g Ocean Care Moisturizer

The key ingredient is fragrance-free and dye-free nutrient-rich sea salt (not saline-based table salt) from the Red Sea. The kit contains Blue Green Foam soap and Ocean Care cream.


Extreme Body Care is a two-step system created to ensure a safe aftercare regimen for your new tattoo. Tattoo master and legend Horiyoshi III selected his favorite tattoo aftercare for this kit. He uses Extreme Tattoo Care which contains a Blue Green Foam soap for cleansing the tattoo, and Ocean Care cream to moisturize for the remainder of the healing process.

The Original One, H2Ocean,  has been making products in the USA and is committed to producing all-natural sea salt (not table salt) based tattoo and piercing aftercare products 100% guaranteed to satisfy since 2001.


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