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Horiyoshi Tattoo Kit with Blue Green Foam Soap & Ocean Care Cream

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Extreme Body Care is a safe, two step aftercare regimen for your new tattoo that cleanses and moisturizes during healing.
Extreme Body Care is a safe, two step aftercare regimen for your new tattoo that cleanses and moisturizes during healing.


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Horiyoshi Tattoo Kit with Blue Green Foam Soap & Ocean Care Cream:

Horiyoshi III Extreme Body Care is a two-step system created to ensure a safe tattoo aftercare regimen for your new tattoo. Tattoo master and legend Horiyoshi III selected his favorite for this tattoo aftercare kit. He uses Extreme Tattoo Care which contains Blue Green Foam soap and Ocean Care Tattoo Cream. Horiyoshi Tattoo Kit with Blue Green Foam Soap & Ocean Care Cream is a natural sea salt foam soap for cleansing the tattoo, and the unscented cream moisturizer is for protecting, soothing, and the fastest healing.

“As a master of art, I believe H2Ocean is the master of skin care. H2Ocean’s Extreme Body Care kit will give your body art and skin the respect it deserves”.  Horiyoshi III

Blue Green Foam Soap:

This innovative antibacterial foaming soap effectively cleanses your skin throughout all stages of tattooing. All natural Blue Green Foam Soap initiates the healing process. Experience the ultimate gentle cleanser for your new tattoo with H2ocean Blue Green Foam Soap. This antibacterial foam soap is vegan, gentle, unscented, alcohol free, moisturizing, and infused with minerals from Red Sea salt. Washing your new tattoo with Blue Green Foam Soap with Organic Aloe extract will prevent excessive drying or damage. Experience the remarkable benefits of Blue Green Foam Soap and ensure a fast healing process for your tattoo with no scabbing.

Its antibacterial properties help to protect against infections which kill 99.9% of germs. Blue Green Foam Soap is specially formulated eliminating the need to rinse. Use a clean paper towel to wipe off or just let it dry after rubbing it in. Avoid harsh soaps that can irritate your tattoos and disrupt the healing process. This cleansing soap will not cause stinging, allowing you to enjoy a pain-free experience. By using Blue Green Foam Soap, you can expect faster healing, reduced irritation, and redness, and decreased scabbing. This is the first step to ensure no bacteria are attacking your open skin. All-natural foam soap provides healing minerals that give you a soothing and vibrant healed tattoo.

Ocean Care Cream:

Ocean Care Cream is the ultimate soothing and moisturizing treatment for your healing and already healed tattoos. This natural, water-based unscented lotion provides a creamy, silky, and hydrated feeling that leaves your skin feeling replenished. Enriched with 82 trace sea salt minerals and vitamins A, B, C, D, and E, this extra moisturizing lotion absorbs quickly without leaving any residue. This formula contains no fragrance or dyes to ensure your healing tattoo won’t ooze or irritated. Dyes can even slightly stain your lightest colors in the tattoo healing. The fragrance of tattoo butter in tubs and oils found in tattoo products can make your tattoo stick to your clothing or bed sheets.

H2ocean uses premium natural ingredients with anti inflammatory properties making it a gentle vegan tattoo healing lotion that calms the tattooed area instantly. Certified by dermatologists and professional tattoo artists that have tested many different tattoo products and old traditional methods. Horiyoshi III has to be the most experienced in all the different methods of tattooing and aftercare. Keep your skin and tattoo vibrant with this eco-friendly daily moisturizer. Elevate your tattoo aftercare routine and embrace stunning results with Ocean Care Cream.

Ocean Care Tattoo Aftercare Lotion, available in a 74g tube is water-based. This tattoo skincare solution is fragrance-free and enriched with 82 essential Red Sea Salt minerals. With each application, this aftercare lotion nourishes revitalizes, and hydrates your skin, ensuring your tattoo remains healthy and moisturized. This tattoo lotion is formulated to be easily absorbed by your skin. Preventing any smudging or sticking to your clothes. Keeping your tattoo hydrated, helps reduce scabbing and maintains the appearance and quality of your new tattoo.


Made in the USA and 100% guaranteed. H2Ocean, the Original One is a world-class, first-of-its-kind company committed to bringing superior quality Red Sea Salt (not table salt) in tattoo and body piercing aftercare products. Embrace clean beauty and give your tattoo the care it deserves with Ocean Care Cream.

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