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Proper Aftercare For Piercing Bumps

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Piercing is an age-old tradition with a global reach that dates back thousands of years. The practice has become an important practice in popular culture with many people modifying their bodies for cultural, aesthetic, and religious reasons. Some people also pierce their bodies to commemorate events or people, while others embrace the practice as a fetish. However, the practice also comes with some health risks, most of which are preventable if the proper precautions are taken.
One such problem is healing bumps, which usually occur behind or in the back of the pierced part. The condition manifests in the form of a blister, lesion, thick scar, or pimple around the pierced area during healing. Healing bumps are common among individuals who opt for cartilage piercing. Poor hygiene, particularly around the piercing, increases the chances of suffering from bumps. Individuals who are allergic to particular jewelry may also suffer from this condition. Poor choice and execution of a piercing can also lead to irritation, swelling, and pus formation around the pierced area.

Symptoms Of Healing Bumps

The symptoms of healing bumps depend on the severity of the infection. Less serious cases manifest in the form of redness, bleeding, itchiness, discoloration, mild pain, and bruising around the affected area. Bumps are also accompanied with crusting on the jewelry inserted into the piercing. Mild discharge of fluid is also commonplace. In most cases, these symptoms subside with proper care. Always retain the jewelry despite the itchiness to prevent abscess formation.
However, the symptoms may become severe. Excessive tenderness or smelly discharge from the affected area should be attended to by a doctor. It is advisable to seek medical attention in cases of persistent and uncomfortable pain, fever, and vomiting. These symptoms may point to an infection.

Remedying Healing Bumps

The best way to deal with healing bumps is prevention. Consult with your piercer to ensure that the right technique is used during piercing. Inform your piercer of any allergies before commencing the procedure. Avoid any contact with the area or clean your hands properly before handling or cleaning. Clean, by dabbing, the piercing with any of the recommended options including sea salt soak, alcohol, warm, clean saline water, or anti-microbial soap.
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Treating healing may require a combination of options depending on the cause of infection. In case of an allergic reaction, remove and replace the jewelry. Take antihistamines, as recommended by a qualified doctor, to treat swellings and irritations. In extreme cases, a corticosteroid injection may be given. Use antibiotics to avoid any bacterial infections. Such medications can be taken orally or applied to the affected area. Other treatment options include warm saline water or chamomile compress to facilitate healing and minimize anti-inflammatory reactions. You can also apply tea tree oil around the infected area daily. Applying lemon juice around the bump is also an effective home remedy.
Piercings is a long-held practice, steeped in history and culture. However, without proper hygiene, the pierced area may be infected, leading to healing bumps and abscess. The treatment of healing depends on severity and the cause of infection.


Table of Contents


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