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Saltwater Gargle Vs Sea Saltwater Gargle: The Big Difference!

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), sore throat (pharyngitis) accounts for an estimated 5.2 million outpatient visits and 2.8 million antibiotic prescriptions among US adults aged 0 to 64 years. These figures are significantly higher in developing nations, making them a global health concern. A sore throat is a common complaint that is typically caused by a viral or bacterial illness. A sore throat is referred to medically as “pharyngitis.” In adults, it normally resolves on its own without consequences, but it is vital to know when to seek medical assistance. Viruses can cause a sore throat and other upper respiratory infections, such as the common cold. Sore throat caused by a common cold virus is not treated with antibiotics but instead may be treated with rest, pain medication, and other therapies aimed at relieving symptoms. Strep throat is a particular kind of pharyngitis that is caused by a bacterium known as group A Streptococcus. The common sign and symptoms associated with sore throat are pain in throat, fever, scratchy throat, running nose, difficult swallowing, tonsils, cough or redness of eye. The treatment of a sore throat is determined by the severity of the infection, and it is very important to timely follow medical guidance. According to the Mayo Clinic, if left untreated, strep throat can lead to problems such as kidney irritation or rheumatic fever. Rheumatic fever can cause painful and inflamed joints, a specific type of rash, or damage to the heart valves. Clinical studies with supporting published scientific data also advocated the benefits of saline nasal irrigation and oral rinse reduce the risk for Covid 19 infection.



Several effective home remedies for relieving sore throat symptoms have been widely suggested and recommended. These remedies include getting ample rest, refraining from consuming cold foods and beverages, drinking warm water, using throat lozenges, and gargling with salt water. These approaches are known to be highly beneficial in alleviating the discomfort associated with a sore throat.

Understanding the Science of Salt Water Gargling

Saltwater gargles are beneficial, even if you learned about them from your grandmother.  Grandma may not have been aware of the science behind it, but there is scientific evidence that the saltwater gargle works. Gargling with saltwater is one of the most effective treatments for sore throats, coughs, and oral health issues. Using saltwater generates an osmosis effect, and the salt concentration removes unpleasant fluids from your mouth, as well as helping to ease a severe infection.  The saltwater dissolves mucus, irritants, and other fungus from the throat.

However, it is highly important to understand when it comes to gargling with salt water, the type of salt used for gargling makes the real big difference. Gargling with table salt (Sodium Chloride) either by homemade salt solution by dissolving salt into water or commercially available sodium chloride saltwater gargle stands nowhere when compared gargling with mineral enriched H2Ocean Healing Rinse sea salt mouthwash. H2Ocean patented sea salt mouthwash contains Red Sea salt derived from the Red Sea, one of the most diverse saline water bodies in the world. This makes Red Sea salt a perfect choice for gargling to alleviate the symptoms associated with sore throat. You can feel the difference and also taste the difference!

What makes gargling with H2Ocean sea salt mouthwash so unique as compared to gargling with Sodium Chloride (Table Salt, Common salt)

Mineral Enriched Gargling: H2Ocean sea salt mouthwash contains more than 82 trace elements such as calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, bromide, and magnesium that make the gargling highly effective. Gargling with H2Ocean sea salt mouthwash enriched with sea minerals offers natural antioxidant properties that fights infection and reduces the inflammation. In contrast, gargling with sodium chloride (table salt) extracted from salt deposits and chemically processed lacks these unique properties.

Gargling with Organically Unrefined Salt: Sodium chloride (table salt) undergoes extensive chemical refinement to enhance its purity and fineness, which involves removing of all the naturally occurring minerals it may contain. While sea salt, as its name implies, is organically sourced by evaporating seawater, minimally processed or left unprocessed, allowing it to retain all the essential trace minerals that make the gargling gentle and much more soothing. Not all sea salt is processed this way, resulting in the loss of organic trace minerals found in commercially processed sea salt based products sold in grocery stores.



Gargling for Fast and Natural Relief: H2Ocean sea salt mouthwash harnesses the power of Red Sea salt. The Red Sea salt has been recognized for centuries for its therapeutic healing properties. Gargling with all natural H2Ocean sea salt mouthwash containing Red Sea salt expedites the healing process with natural relief to a painful throat as compared to chemically processed table salt (sodium chloride) lacking all these unique properties.

Gargling with Enzymatic Antibacterial Action: H2Ocean sea salt mouthwash also contains lysozyme, a natural antibacterial enzyme that fights against bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Gargling with H2Ocean sea salt mouthwash helps to suppress the throat infection and creates an environment that is unfavorable to infection causing bacteria and viruses. These unique antibacterial effects are totally lacking when gargling with sodium chloride (common salt).

Safe Gargling: H2Ocean healing mouthwash is also free from chemical preservatives and colors.  By eliminating potentially harmful additives, it offers a safer and more natural choice for daily gargling and oral care. Choosing a mouthwash for gargling without chemical preservatives eliminates the chances of allergic reactions, sensitivity, and make it safer choice for all ages.

Gargling with Great Taste: H2Ocean offers two refreshing icy flavors, with a hint of sea salt unlike the saltwater gargles your grandma made; Arctic Ocean and Lemon Ice. Gargling with H2Ocean sea salt healing rinse mouthwash tastes excellent lemon or mint flavors. Gargling with H2Ocean Healing Rinse sea salt mouthwash is not salty but refreshing as it is sweetened by xylitol, which is a natural sweetener that provides a comfortable gargling experience. This refreshing gargling experience cannot be realized when gargling with traditional homemade or commercially available saltwater gargle.

Gargling & Elevating Oral Health: Gargling with H2Ocean sea salt mouthwash containing Red Sa salt, xylitol, and lysozyme not only provides relief to sore throat, pain and inflammation but also supports that overall oral health by inhibiting the growth of bacteria that causes dental caries and gum infection (periodontal diseases).

pH Balanced Gargle: H2Ocean healing sea salt mouthwash balances the mouth pH and naturally neutralize the acidic environment inside the mouth that cause damage to the teeth and gum. These unique properties are not found when gargling with common salt or saltwater gargle.

Convenient Gargling Experience: Unlike the homemade saltwater gargles with a mess of mixing every time salt with water, where the concentration of salt with water changes each and every time; gargling with H2Ocean sea salt mouthwash is perfectly formulated for the providing the exact amount of salt required for each gargling experience providing the optimal results. Gargling with H2Ocean Healing Rinse sea salt mouthwash is simple and convenient. Just follow these easy steps: Step 1, use the over cap to measure out your preferred amount to allow a gentle swishing back and forth in your mouth. Step 2, hold in your mouth for a couple of minutes and gently gargle with your throat. Step 3, spit out or safe if swallowed. H2Ocean Healing Rinse mouthwash are designed for daily gargling use and can be incorporated seamlessly into your oral care routine.



Gargling with Dentist Recommended Mouthwash: H2Ocean Healing Rinse sea salt mouthwash have been clinically studied, scientifically tested and have been recommended by dental professionals as safe and effective product without any adverse effects.

Gargling with Trust: Since its inception in 2001, H2Ocean is the global leader and the first company in the world that has been fully dedicated in providing all natural hand harvested unrefined Red Sea salt based products. H2Ocean maintains the highest standards of quality by using only USP grade ingredients utilizing the ocean’s natural elements to create high quality oral care products. H2Ocean Healing Rinse sea salt mouthwash is a reliable choice for gargling and maintaining optimal oral health. H2Ocean sea salt mouthwash is tested for its stability that keeps the shelf life preserved for 3 years and maintain it contamination free from bacteria. These antibacterial ingredients add to the shelf life that are not found in homemade saltwater rinses.

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