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Summers are for travel, beaches and being half naked to show off your tattoos!

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You don’t have to compromise your summer fun for bright tattoos, just take steps to protect your body art before you head out to play!

Summer’s here and that means family vacations, 20-something road trips, beach bods, new love, warm sunny days and ice cold beers. The feeling of freedom and uninhibited fun takes over, perfect time for all your friends to say “let’s go get tattoos!”.

Whether you’re surfing at the beach, fishing at the lake or lounging at the pool, we are all going to see your cute lotus flower tattoo on your side. Tattoos are meant to been seen and in the summer, we see everyone’s. Getting a tattoo is an exciting process and showing it off to the world is all part of the fun. Yet, summer can be an inconvenient time to get a new tattoo if you aren’t properly equipped with the right products to keep your ink protected.

Healing and protecting your artwork is the most important step in the tattoo process. Using the right aftercare can save your beautiful bright ink from turning washed out and dull. Fresh tattoos can get infected or damaged if they are exposed to direct sunlight or bacteria that lives in the water and the chemicals in the pools. Even if your tattoo is in a discreet spot and whether or not the sun is hiding behind the clouds, protect your ink and keep it bold with these summer tattoo care tips:

[one_half]2. KEEP IT COVERED:
Adhesive bandages are used for the initial days of new tattoo healing. Your artist can apply D-LizePro after they complete your tattoo and it will stay on for 48 hours while the tattoo heals. For added protection you can replace it with a new bandage and it will act as a barrier from the beach or shower.[/one_half][one_half][/one_half]
[one_half]1. BLOCK OUT THE SUN:
We can’t stress enough the importance of sunblock. Lather it on. And repeat often if you are running around doing cannon balls. H2Ocean’s Sea Life SPF 45 lays on thick and absorbs smooth. It’s made for ocean sports, so it’s a great choice![/one_half][one_half][/one_half]
[one_half]3. STAY HYDRATED:
WMaintaining moisture in your skin will prevent aging and fading. Using the a moisturizer with added vitamins and minerals is the best way to keep you tattoos looking bright with a healthy glow. Ink RENU is a great daily moisturizer and brightener for all tattoos.[/one_half][one_half][/one_half]


Table of Contents


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