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Sunscreen On A New Tattoo

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Most of us either have a tattoo or have at one point thought of getting one. Tattoos are a beautiful form of art expression on your body and when done right can look amazing. The quality of your tattoo is highly dependent on the artist who does it. A great artist will make you a great quality and long lasting tattoo. However, as much as an artist may be great at what he does, how long your tattoo lasts looking as good as new purely depends on how well you protect it. There are a number of things that may cause tattoo fading.

Tattoo fading
Tattoos often fade as an effect of UV rays from the sun. Most people with tattoos will testify feeling a tingly uncomfortable sensation when they left their tattoo directly facing the sun when fresh. This is mainly because the tattoo is a raw sensitive wound when new and UV light does not favor the tattoo or its healing process. Though not recommended for the first few days after getting the tattoo, the only way to protect and keep the quality of your tattoo over a long time is the use of sunscreen.

Why sunscreen
Sunscreen works to prevent UV rays from getting onto your skin. This allows your skin to stay safe at all times when sunscreen is applied. Application of sunscreen comes in handy especially if you may want to tan in the sun. Most people who go out in the sun have their tattoos fading after some time. Sunscreen prevents such effects by preventing UV rays from getting onto the tattoo. This is especially the case when swimming where UV rays exposure may be higher. One of the best sunscreens for tattoos today is H2Ocean’s Sea Life SPF 45.

H2Ocean’s Sea Life SPF 45 is one of the highest quality sunscreens available in the market today. It is based on natural products ensuring not only the protection and nourishment of your skin but that of your environment. The sunscreen is suitably strong at 30+ SPF. It is water resistant up to 30 minutes making it ideal for swimming situations. The product, boasts of a number of its beneficial properties including sweat resistance, oil and scent free and its cooling effect on your skin. You can start using the sunscreen on your new tattoo after two days without any negative effects. Use of sunscreen earlier than that may alter your tattoo’s healing process.

A tattoo is a work of art that should be treated with care. Lack of proper maintenance of your tattoo may not show its effects immediately but rest assured they will present themselves in a few years. To properly protect your tattoo, use H2Ocean’s Sea Life SPF 45 for assurance on both your skin and tattoo health. A tattoo will make you look a whole lot more awesome if it keeps looking new, fresh and superb.


Table of Contents


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