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Tattoo Aftercare Pain Relief

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Tattoos are a form of self-expression that allows people to turn their physical body into an art gallery with an exceptional piece of design. Marking the body offers a new dimension to self-love, making a person feel unique but at the same time, tattoos hurt! Getting a new tattoo is only the first step and tattoo aftercare is very important so that the tattoo will heal quickly, avoid infection and prevent fading from the skin. Pain relief for tattoos can be helpful in preventing itching, scar tissue formation, clogging of the pore, etc. Negligence in taking care of your new tattoo may result in an infection that makes the skin warm, painful, and inflamed. If this is your first time getting tattooed, you may not be aware that certain factors affect the amount of tattoo pain that will be experienced during the tattoo process and how your immune system will react. Your pain tolerance may be lower or higher than others, which can affect the level of pain felt during a tattoo session. Certain areas of the body that have less nerve endings such as the outer shoulder, calf, outer arm and buttocks also can be a factor. It is also a good idea not to take any aspirin or prescriptions that thins your blood before getting a tattoo as it will take longer to heal.
The tattoo process works by tattoo artists using an electric powered tattoo machine that uses needles to puncture the skin hundreds of times a minute with ink. Usually anything using a needle in the process will be painful and getting tattooed is no exception. This process can be made less painful by taking certain precautionary measures to make the tattoo session hurt less. When you get a tattoo, numbing cream such as lidocaine can be applied a length of time before the tattoo artist begins the session. The first 24 hours after getting a tattoo, pain relieving soap can not only help to reduce the feeling of tattoo pain, but also keep the area clean. The application of the tattoo artist can also determine the amount of pain as some are more heavy handed than others. It is also a good idea to wear loose clothes during application to avoid rubbing against the area. Though getting a tattoo may be the most painful part, the healing process can be painful as well.


It is important to make sure to wash the tattoo with mild, unscented soap that is hypoallergenic. The best product to use is H2Ocean’s Nothing Pain Relieving Soap that is specifically formulated to disinfect the skin. It offers pain relief for tattoo pain that is similar to a numbing cream, as it can numb the skin without any harsh effects. This product has a soothing effect on the inked skin as it has Aloe Vera that works well for sensitive skin. The antimicrobial soap prevents excessive drying of the skin that also prevents scabbing. The potent combination of sea salt and Aloe Vera will promote the healing process. It has the following features;

  • Won’t clog tubes, machines, or needles.

  • Reduces redness and soothes irritation, aches and pains instantly.

  • Natural product with anti-bacterial properties.

  • Contains Lidocaine that can offer pain relief and numb the inked area effectively.

  • Alcohol-free with no fragrance

Soothing Balm:

A moisturizing balm can effectively soothe the redness of the tattooed area. H2Ocean’s Nothing Tattoo Glide and Soothing balm can offer pain relief during the tattoo process. The Lidocaine can effectively numb the area that starts healing immediately. The tattoo aftercare pain relief balm has a thin consistency that is more desirable compared to Vaseline. It is also good for the machines as it does not clog them. The powerful ingredients like volcanic clay and Red sea salt help in the healing process. As it is petroleum free, it is suitable for all skin types. It has the following features;
Why You Should Use Tattoo Healing Cream On Your New Tattoo

  • Will never clog the tubes, needles, or the tattoo machine.
  • The balm will never remove the stencils from the skin.
  • It has ingredients that can soothe the irritation, aches and pains, and reduce the redness of the skin
  • It is a fast acting formula that can provide instant results.
  • It stops the bleeding from the inked area.
  • It is a pure natural and organic product that causes no adverse effects on the skin.
  • The antibacterial properties will avoid infections in the inked area.
  • The balm is alcohol-free with no fragrance.
  • Application of the balm will never change the texture of the skin.

It is important to make sure to get a good quality product that will promote the healing faster and eliminate the discomfort. It will also enhance the vibrancy of tattoo by making it look good for a long time.


Table of Contents


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