Aftercare Tips For Nape Piercings

So you are thinking of getting a nape piercing and you’re not quite sure what it is, or perhaps you’ve already gotten the piercing! If you’re in the former category, you’re going to want to listen up! A nape piercing is the piercing of the nape of the back – hence its name. As such you can anchor jewelry. Nape piercing is sometimes referred to as Neck Piercing. Read on for aftercare tips for nape piercings. 

Will it hurt?
Yes, it’s a piercing so you are definitely going to feel it. However, it usually hurts less than piercing eyebrows, under the eye, nose, ear or nipples. 

As with all piercings, once the deed has been carried out, you want to avoid infections and maintain a good clean routine. 

Piercing Aftercare Spray
One of the best piercing aftercare products on the market is H2Ocean’s Piercing Aftercare Spray. All ingredients are natural, and it has enzymatic sea salt solutions that are natural to your body. It is pH balanced and contains more than 82 trace elements and minerals. There is no cross contamination and allows all altitude dispensing.

H2Ocean’s Piercing Aftercare Spray cleanses all body piercings, not just nape piercings! It helps to safely remove dried discharge and lymph secretions when used every 3 to 4 hours. The combination of sea salt and lysozyme heals your modifications at a quicker pace. Keep in mind that according to research, you will heal quicker in a natural environment, so avoid chemicals that destroy beneficial bacteria.

Infections & Irritations 
Cleaning the area prevents bacterial infection. A bacterial infection in the neck region can be spotted as the pierced area has redness and wells. The day after you pierce it, the area will be red and swollen. But it’s not an infection! It will last for three to four days. 

Avoid Contact With the Nape Piercings 
Avoid touching the area with your hands. In the event that you feel the urgent need to physically check out the area with your hands – make sure that you wash them before. In the event that you didn’t wash your hands, use the piercing aftercare spray to ensure that the area does not get infected. 

Another tip is to tie up your hair until the piercing has healed completely. Your hair can get stuck in the piercing, preventing it to heal at a normal pace. The natural grease from our hair is also likely to stick to the piercing. This can cause an unwanted infection. You should also avoid sleeping on your back during this time, and if you don’t already – tie your hair up before you go to bed.

If you follow these piercing aftercare tips for your nape piercing you should be well on your way to showing it off to all your family and friends.