Areas of Your Body Where Tattoos Will Fade Faster

A tattoo is meant to be permanent. However, depending on where you get your tattoo and how you take care of it afterwards, the ink could begin to fade and the tattoo might lose its visual appeal. There are certain parts of the body that just aren’t the best for getting a tattoo. These are generally parts that get a lot of exposure to the elements or those that experience constant friction. Read on to find out areas of your body where tattoos will fade faster and how to take care of your tattoos.

1. Hands
Hands are not the best candidates for tattoos for a number of reasons. First, the skin on the inner part of your hand is tough and hard. This alone means that it will be hard for the ink to set in well, which in turn means that the black will not be as sharp as it should be. Additionally, hands tend to get constant exposure to water. This often causes the tattoo to fade away gradually.

2. Armpits
Using your arm will often involve movement in your armpit. This causes continuous friction which further causes constant wear and tear around the area. If you have a tattoo on your armpit, it will fade faster than other areas of your body with time due to this constant friction.

3. Feet
Another part of the body that is not ideal for tattoos is your feet. Unless you are often bare-footed, a tattoo on your feet won’t stay bright and fresh for very long. This is because constant friction between the foot and socks or even shoes will ultimately lead to fading.

4. Elbows
Your elbows are also not the best place to get your tattoo if you intend for it to last a lifetime. This is because you are continuously bending your elbow to pick or drop stuff, not to mention leaning on tables with your elbow. Owing to the constant motion, the tattoo will begin to fade within a short period of time.

Although these are the parts of your body where tattoos are likely to fade faster, there are other parts that could be just as susceptible depending on your lifestyle. For instance, getting a tattoo on your thighs if you are constantly wearing tight jeans is not the best idea. Additionally, if you are always carrying a backpack around, a tattoo on your shoulder is highly susceptible to fading in a short period of time.

How to Take Care of Your Tattoo
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