Best Way To Keep A Tattoo Hydrated

Is It Normal For A Tattoo To Scab?-

The Best Way To Keep A Tattoo Hydrated During the beginning phase of tattoo getting healed, most tattoos will scab. Usually this is over the course of 1 to 2 weeks. One of the common issues that comes up during this phase is when the tattoo gets dry and cracking starts happening. At this point

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Aftercare Tips For Rook Piercings

The rook is basically the area between the outer ear and the inner conch part of the ear. Piercing this area requires intense care and should also be done by an experienced specialist. There are a number of aftercare tips for rook piercings that you should put into consideration when you decide to get a

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What You Should Do If Your Tattoo Itches

itchy tattoo

Tattoos have become more and more popular to the point where it’s practically mainstream now. Getting a quality tattoo is a very intricate process which involves some excruciating pain. This is followed by the healing process and some people begin feeling itchy. The itchiness could last for several weeks and the discomfort further worsens because

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Aftercare Tips For Upper Ear Piercing


Upper ear piercing has become a global trend. Since piercings are vulnerable to infection, they require proper aftercare. Your valuable cartilage piercings might catch infections if you don’t take proper care. The following are the aftercare tips for upper ear piercings. Avoid swimming It is advisable that you wait at least a month before you

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What Causes Skin Irritation From Tattoos

tattoo skin irritation

Your tattoo can wind up infected for an assortment of reasons, including the use of contaminated instruments. This is the reason it’s important to look for a tattoo artist and shop you trust. Dirty devices can pass bacterial infections like staph and impetigo, and in uncommon cases, illnesses like hepatitis, from individual to individual. Atypical

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How To Take Care Of A Medusa Piercing

Medusa piercings have become popular, mostly among women to get a trendy and stylish look. You can wear some bold jewelry to further enhance the appeal. Many women are interested in medusa piercings but they are unaware of the process, healing duration, and aftercare treatment. There is no doubt that medusa piercings have become a

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