Tips On How To Treat Your Tattoo

Tips On How To Treat Your Tattoo -

Tattoo care used to be one of the very last things that someone thinks about when they decide to get a tattoo. Tattoo care is a requirement, especially if you expect to preserve your tattoo for any extent of time. The initial week is the most crucial for healing, but especially the first 4 to

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Tattoo Healing Stages

Tattoo Healing Stages -

A tattoo may be beautiful however when it is just finished it’s still an open wound, so it needs the right amount of care for it to heal properly. Each specific stage of the recuperation method that the tattoo will require one different type of caring method or the other. New tattoos should be kept

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The Best Way To Take Care Of A Tattoo

What Kind Of Lotion Should You Put On A New Tattoo? -

Caring for your tattoo after it has been inked on your skin is an important process to promote the maximum appeal and appearance as well as to prevent infection of the newly wounded area. Your tattoo artist will make sure that your tattoo gets the best color as well as maintain safety and cleanliness of

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You Get What You Pay For

Tattoos have no MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price). There are so many variables that effect the price of the tattoo.   Some are obvious, like artist experience and skill. Others are not as tangible, style, notoriety or exposure. There is no hard and fast way to determine value vs cost, it depends on what is

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