George Mavridis - Religious Madona

George Mavridis – Religious Madona

Guide to Religious Tattoos

While many people choose religious tattoos as part of their faith, there are some religions that don’t allow tattoos such as Orthodox Judaism.

However, today there are some religious designs that are more common than others such Islam, Christina, Buddhist and Hindu. Back in the day, you may have only seen a religious tattoo with those associated with a gang, but this not true these days as religious tattoos have gone mainstream.

Religious tattoo ideas fall into several categories: Christian, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam.


ALEX G Christian Tattoo

ALEX G Christian Tattoo

Christian tattoos are probably the most popular tattoo designs that are of a religious nature. The most common Christian tattoos are ones featuring the crucifixion, crosses, crown of thorns, praying hands, doves, angels, rosary beads, Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary. The most common of these is the tattoo of Jesus Christ. Many people will choose Jesus on the cross or a face close-up, which may feature a halo or thorns. Cross tattoos are also common with Christian tattoos since they date back all the way back to the crusaders. The crusaders showcased a tattoo of a small cross on their hand or arm so if they died in another country, they would ensure they would get a Christian burial. Cross tattoos can be plain or they can have lettering added like a bible verse’s number or chapter.

While it is true that Orthodox Judaism does not allow tattoos, there are some that choose not to follow this rule. There are some occasions that you may see someone with a menorah tattoo or the Star of David. The reason that this religion doesn’t allow tattoos is that they believe the God made your body the way it is and should not be altered at all.

ALEX-G Buhddist Lama

ALEX-G Buhddist Lama

The largest religion in India is Hinduism and is actually the 3rd largest worldwide. Hindu tattoos are uncommon mostly but there are still some that choose to have them. Hindus believe in one God, known as Brahman. However, there are several deities that represent Brahman. The most common deities are Krishna (flute playing cowherd boy), Buddha, Ganesh and Lakshmi. All of the deities are large and colorful.

Buddhism represents a religion that is popular mostly in Asia. While Buddhists do not believe in just one God, they do follow the teachings of Gautama Buddha. You may choose to get a tattoo of Buddha in a sitting position and meditating.

Islam tattoos are common tattoo designs although this is another religion that doesn’t like the idea of tattoos. They have the belief that things like tattoos and other body alterations are doing nothing more than mutilating Allah’s creation. However, a popular design in the Islam religion is the crescent moon and star as this is the symbol of Islam. Another popular idea is to have verses from the Koran inked on the body.

There are a number of celebrities that depict religious tattoos. Allen Iverson (NBA player) has a tattoo of praying hands on his chest, with the hands featuring his mother’s and grandmother’s names. David Beckham and Madonna have Hebrew tattoos while Lenny Kravitz, Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears all have tattoos of crosses. To make sure your tattoo heals correctly see your options by Clicking here.

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