Recommendations to help you heal your new piercing:

H2Ocean’s Piercing Aftercare Spray is the only patented SEA SALT solution that is natural to your body and developed specifically for body piercings. It is the most effective natural SEA SALT solution to cleanse and assist in the healing of your new body piercings.

H2Ocean’s Piercing Aftercare Spray safely removes dried discharge and lymph secretions when used 3 to 6 times per day. The minerals found in the SEA SALT may help increase circulation to promote accelerated healing. When used as directed, it may also assist in the prevention of infection, lumps, scar tissue (keloids) and itching.

Just spray on the pierced area and allow solution to absorb into the skin. Do not wipe it off. The 360º non-aerosol dry mist sprayer is ozone friendly. This formula remains sterile from start to finish.

  • Do not touch the body piercing or rotate jewelry during the healing period
  • Do not take it out. Body piercings may take many months to completely heal. Changing or removing jewelry should be avoided during this time
  • Do not let the body piercing come in contact with another person’s bodily fluids
  • Never use alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or hand soap because they may damage healthy cells and cause scar tissue
  • Products that contain petroleum are not recommended as it may collect and promote the growth of bacteria
  • Don’t go in the pool, ocean or hot tub until healed Avoid your shampoo & soap in the shower
  • Avoid hot tubs and public pools until the piercing is completely healed
  • Reduce the intake of alcohol, caffeine and aspirin during the healing period
  • Avoid alcohol, smoking, chewing tobacco and spicy foods with a new oral piercing
  • Avoid direct sunlight, tanning beds, oils and lotions
  • Tight fitting clothes may irritate a new piercing
  • Reduce the intake of alcohol, caffeine and aspirin during the healing period
  • While using H2Ocean’s Piercing Aftercare Spray, do not use any other aftercare products



  • Razor Burn
  • Sore Throats
  • Nasal Congestion
  • Cuts
  • Burns
  • Acne

H2Ocean Piercing Aftercare products were the very first products we made. We saw the need in the piercing industry for healing products that were formulated specifically for body piercings and body modifications.

The Association of Professional Piercers (APP) have long been a guide and a support for healthy healing and proper education for those that collected piercings and adornments. They are a California-based, international non-profit organization dedicated to the dissemination of vital health and safety information about body piercing to piercers, health care professionals, legislators, and the general public.

We have been corporate sponsors of the APP for 11 years and take the their knowledge and expertise to heart and are happy to share with you what the pros suggest for healthy healing.